Toblerone and Spaces, A Lack of Chocolate.

Oh, a bar of Toblerone! It has been quite a while since I got a bite of the bitterly sweet treat. Never mind. It is not mine for the taking. Perhaps a gift from someone to someone he dears. Ever since I started making my own chocolate bar, I took my eyes off from brands not as bitter and as pure as mine.

It turn out the bar is for all. I get a piece. Thanks to the generous sponsor.

It could be a come back gift (pasalubong). When a relative or friend went abroad or out-of-town, it became a tradition to bring back something. It maybe food or thing. Usually the first.

The shape is different from before.

The chocolate brand Toblerone is known for its signature shape. Series of pyramid (some as many as toblerone letters) connected to each other. The connection point or canal serve as breaking point. Snap a piece, eat and save the rest for other or later.

Now is different. The canal is somewhat extended. It seems a great flood just occurred and ate away the ridges base. Now the bar has extended breaking point and smaller ridges. I only got a piece, but it is enough to draw conclusions.

a piece of shrank toblerone

I saw a news regarding this matter on the internet sometime ago. Most consumers said, raising the price would be better than making the shape awful. Rather, make it smaller than increasing empty spaces.

As for me. It is awkward looking. A huge quality drop. Price increase is the way to go. However, if they are inclined toward lower market bracket, the decision would be a bit tough.

According to speculations, the sudden increase of spaces is due to worldwide deficit in cacao production.


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