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The Bad Habits of Ingredient Declaration

These are few ways in which manufacturer can manipulate ingredient declaration. I call them bad habits as its intention is only to benefit their side. Manufacturer have the bad habit of hiding specific ingredient behind their generic names. Using sweetener, emulsifier, thickener, meat  preservative and natural ingredients are common. They are fooling us! There are […]

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What is Stabilizer E340?

The E Numbering is a system used by the European Union. Every approved food additive has a corresponding E number. It is safe to assume that every ingredient with a corresponding number is safe for use, unless otherwise revoked. The Stabilizer E340 corresponds to three variants of Potassium phosphates. Namely, monopotassium phosphate, dipotassium phosphate and […]

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Differences among salitre, saltpeter, prague powder, curing salt, potassium nitrate, sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate

I will try to differentiate the following term to avoid confusion. Reading from other sources is still recommended as I cannot guarantee its accuracy. One thing is for sure however, all term listed below may cause health problems. salitre saltpeter prague powder curing salt potassium nitrate sodium nitrite sodium nitrate What is Salitre? It is […]

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