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Red Kaong

red kaong in buko salad

Every time I see a red thing in fruit and or buko salad, I know right away that it could be either of the two. Kaong (the sugar palm fruit ) or cherry. However, cherry is rarely added, if so, we are lucky finding one to three. Then, it is red kaong, 90 percent of […]

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Bulging Muscovado Sugar

muscovado sugar package

Bulging canned goods and composite package snacks are rare sight. What is rarer to see is a bulged package of sugar. What is in there to begin with. Nothing but sweet and preservative itself. Do you ever heard of sugar being spoiled? Not a chance. At least for now. So why is this pack of […]

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Fish and Salt

tulingan scrubbed with salt

Back in the days when no to very few households have refrigerators, salt is widely used as preservation technique. It works by binding free water in food rendering it unavailable for microbial use. Dried fish is okay but dried salted fish is much better. Over salted and kidney damaging variants are made to lasts, not […]

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Dried Ginger and Meat in Cup Noodles

ginger slices

There are real ginger slices in instant cup noodles, as well as other dehydrated vegetables and meat. It is amazing how technology advancement made such thing possible. Retaining green vegetable colour is advance technology. It is not something that can be done at home with minimal capital and crude equipment. Dehydrated meat is not. Dried […]

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Ingredient List for Menu

Don’t you think food items from restaurants, bakery, cafe, eatery and bars have full ingredient listing? Base on name we can infer what the ingredients are and avoid whichever may harm us. Too much sugar, preservatives and allergens. Speaking of which, allergens are the worst offender here. Peanut, milk, gluten and shrimp are few examples. […]

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Pasta Water

Are you still reminded not to throw away rice water (or the rice washing instead). Nutrients are thrown away with the water every rinse. It is best to save them and use for soup or for any soupy dish. Tinola, bulanglang and sopas. On the other hand. Soupy dish is not always provided every meal. […]

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