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DIY Stock Pot Lid Lock


Stock Pot comes with a well fitted lid. Inspect it round and round and you’ll notice a very negligible to no gap at all. It is good for keeping the contents safe from insect and other unwanted things. In fact, I have never seen ants passing through. However, it has one big flaw. It never […]

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A Charging Station Inside Resto

wall mounted usb charger

If I had a charging cable with me, then I could have tried this charging station. It is mounted on wall just beside the table. As you clearly see in the picture. Instead of a common outlet and light switch, the receptacle is equipped with two USB ports. It was the first time I saw […]

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Rock and Pebble Sweet Candies

rock and pebble sweet candies

While many choose to follow design norms, erratic few opposed it. Staying away from tradition for the sake of uniqueness. It is customary to label chocolate with brown shade but some are choosing green, blue and red. I, myself is using green and red. The first to emphasize organic character, and the second is simply […]

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Food Product on Consignment…

Someone asked me regarding product consignment. There were times that client consignee were returning the product in a very bad condition. Package dusty all over and somewhat crumpled. It was heartbreaking to see that the product you work so hard for suffered the dilemma. The worst thing, the returned was for replacement not for payment. […]

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