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Palawan Danggit

fried dangit

Palawan is known for three things. The first is cashew. The delicious and ever expensive cashew nuts. I was also hearing and seeing cashew wine back then. However, I never got positive response when I asked residents about it. . The second is dangit.  Perhaps we all know what cashew is but the second thing […]

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Disposable Spoons: Why We Still Use It?

Before, I always used plastic spoon and fork whenever eating in fast food resto. They were serving food with disposables so I had no choice. A little bigger than metal counterparts. Slightly pliable and too fragile. Breaks easily and often need to ask for replacement. Sharp edges are rare find that sometimes enough to bruise […]

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Sin Tax on Salty Products

Did Sin Tax makes you healthier? Or not? Sacrificing other important things in order to fulfill addiction to cigarette and alcohol. If yes, the next two additional sin taxes will make you continue the health habits to the next level. The budget for regular soda and pack of potato chips might not be enough the […]

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Number of Local Grocery Stores is Dwindling

I have been noticing this trend for quite a while now. The number of locally operated groceries are dwindling and convenience store count grows so fast. In our town alone, there are three AlfaMart branches and two 7-eleven. When I said locally operated groceries, I mean those owned by single proprietors. Consisting of one to […]

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DIY Stock Pot Lid Lock


Stock Pot comes with a well fitted lid. Inspect it round and round and you’ll notice a very negligible to no gap at all. It is good for keeping the contents safe from insect and other unwanted things. In fact, I have never seen ants passing through. However, it has one big flaw. It never […]

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