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Bring Your Own Cup

Having a sip of hot coffee while on the go is sure relaxing. You satisfied your desire but how about mother earth. You gonna throw the disposable cup somewhere for sure. The effort of replacing styrofor and plastic cups with biodegradable paper is good already. At least it won’t stay on land for thousand of […]

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The Electric Water Kettle

electric water kettle top view

How this thing works? It is electric water boiler. It is obvious that it converts electric energy to heat making water increase in temperature until it reaches 100 degree Celsius. That is not my question though. What I want to know is how can it shut off itself after reaching that point. Chance of micro-controller […]

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Dried Mango and Sodium Metabisulfite

dried mango with metabisulfite

I am on the hunt. I am looking for dried mangoes without preservative of any sort. Sugar is exception of course. Rare ripe mangoes are used for this. No enough developed sugar yet so addition maybe necessary. What I never wanted to see on label is the word “sodium metabisulfite”. However, all the brands I […]

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Drying Coffee Beans On Patio

It was raining while driving, light and intermittent. Manageable but the road was slippery and the strike of rain drops was hurting my face so we took it slow. On our way to destination and back home, we noticed several coffee beans laid on road side. The purpose is obvious. Set them dry and ready […]

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