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FDA License Application | Afater 4 months

How long has it been since I filed the license to operate application of that coffee manufacturer? It’s been four months already. The customer service representative who accepted the application papers clearly stated it usually takes ten working days. However, it still depends on availability of inspectors. I never thought their inspectors are so few […]

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Taho Vending…

fresh home made taho

I never know him, not his name, where he lives and other stuffs. What I know is, he is a taho vendor who always pass by. It was only me at first who buy from him. Then came my son, and my daughter. Both became his avid buyer. It is like a routine that they […]

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Peanut Butter and Oil Separation

A research study aiming to prevent the settling of banana ketchup solids may not be a researchable topic. You may still want to do some experimentation to stop it. All I am saying is, it is not worth the effort. Why? Solids settling to bottom does not affect the product chemically. The upper portion becomes […]

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