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Adulterated Muscovado Sugar

muscovado sugar with white bloctches

I am using muscovado for one of our products. It is a healthier alternative to white refined sugar. Although both came from sugar cane, the first is minimally processed. Crude extraction and crystallization only. It is naturally brown. Has large sugar bits that are often eaten like candies. Sometimes contains visible dirt and sugar cane […]

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Importance Of Keeping Records

Keeping proper record is hard because we are not trained to do so.  It should be easy once implemented on a regular basis. I grew up in environment where almost everything were listed in memory. Remember it now and forget, then struggling to recall in dire moments. If it was noted down, then there is […]

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No Nut Foods In Plane

Pregnant women about to give birth is forbidden in airplane for a reason. Possible gain of foreign citizenship is one but not the main.  Imagine how would you attend to a laboring mom in middle of the flight! I can’t figure it out. Maybe it its different in actual situation. I’m not a flight attendant, […]

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The Arrowroot Cookies and Panagan

panagan rice crispies

Marinduque. Three hours away from Dalahican Port of Lucena, Quezon. Another three hours from my home province, Cavite. Roughly six hours plus expected traffic along the way. Good thing, traffic is not in sea travel vocabulary. We enjoyed our travel to the fullest boarding the RORO type ships. Starhorse going to Marinduque and Montenegro Lines […]

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Rescued Food Store

A very simple idea but hard to implement. A place where ready to discard food are collected together and given to those in need. It is hard but may not be as hard as I think. In Australia, OZ Harvest is implementing such. They are collecting food items that would otherwise go to dumpsite and […]

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Millet Edible Spoon

millet edible spoon

The world first ever edible spoon in mass production. It comes in three variants, sweet, plain and savory. If you usually eat plain rice and common poor man’s viand (sugar, salt, fish sauce, soy sauce and hot coffee), I bet the spoon will be gone in a jiffy. Perhaps also eat the spoon alone while […]

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