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Cacao Surplus and Price Decline

How large is the current demand for cacao products? I never know exact number nor estimate. What I know is, it is so huge and our current production is so low to cope with. The government included it in national budget few years ago. The campaign became massive. Related government agencies began purchasing seedlings in […]

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Cocoa Butter Leaks

cocoa butter tray marks

Why are all the trays dirty right before using. I need to wipe them hard with damp towel every time. I am sure, I have never used it on any other purpose except roasting dried and fermented cacao beans. Stacking and storing them dry right after every operation. Still, they are dirty before every roasting. […]

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Eating Unroasted Cacao Beans

group of beans on palm

I became accustomed to deshelling and eating unroasted cacao every now and then. It is not like I want it. It is crucial for quality control. I need to familiarize myself with raw bean flavor so I can reject batches that are somewhat different. Inferior to be more specific. At first, all beans tasted the […]

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