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Cacao Bean Embryo Removal

I have been doing my best to make my product the best as possible. However, my best always seems not enough. Through reading, I am always finding a better technique to experiment on. A possible way to improve it further. Recently, I read a post in A man asking about removing the bean radicle […]

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Cocoa Shells as Fuel Source

I have been thinking about it seriously. If it works, the shells as winnowing by-product, would be more than enough for our daily cooking needs. Then, an inspiration for development of shell-fired cocoa roaster. Way back, when I was disposing a bag of cocao shells. I put some on side of camp fire. Hoping it […]

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The Need for Accurate Tool: Grindometer


I have been reading so many tutorials and reference materials about chocolate making. Specifically grinding. What grinders are appropriate to use. How to grind. How fine the grind should be? Take note: As of publishing this, there is no locally available grinder capable of reducing cocoa nibs down to acceptable particle size. Most merchants will […]

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Try: Skip Bean Roasting


For the reason so many beans are wasted. Many of them actually have good nibs (broken, halves, shells off). However, they are likely to get burnt when roasted together with selected batches. I am throwing them all away with little hesitation. For the reason, there are small chocolate makers who are successful in winnowing raw […]

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