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Raw Chocolate… IMO

The is no such thing as raw chocolate. On the contrary, there is. The wet cacao beans fresh from pod are are the purest and raw chocolate. However, it couldn’t be eaten as is. It need to undergo several lengthy processes to improved palatability. The process starts as soon as the cocoa pod is cut […]

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The Melanger Arrives


This new grinder, specifically melanger, opens new possibility. My current grinder output is good enough, and this one would make it even better. A silky smooth texture. When we talk about chocolate, texture affects flavor greatly, the finer the better. A lesser heat grinding scheme. Granite rollers are popular for chocolate makers because of one […]

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The Silicone Chocolate Mold

silicone mold

Several weeks ago, I got ten pieces silicone mold for chocolates. At first, I couldn’t believed how cheap they were. The same amount could only buy three pieces polycarbonates. These set has different shape from before. Each mold consist of 15 round tablet like cavities. I have been using them to make local unflavored chocolate […]

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