Any Processing Technology for Snake Wine?

First, I would like to ask you a question. What is snake wine to you? A cure all medicine? You want it in hope to cure whatever disease you might have? A collectible to boast with your friends? An aphrodisiac to impress you sex partner? Or an item to make money with?

Snake wine? I don’t think the term is right. I have not tasted it nor make one for myself. I only seen someone making it on television. However, I can tell that it is not a snake wine. It is a strong alcoholic drink infused with poisonous snake specie, commonly a cobra. Just like what they are doing with lambanog. They are adding various flavorings like: whole chewing gum, slice of apple, jackfruit etc… to change the flavor a bit and make it more appealing.

Wine is made by fermenting grapes to get alcohol content average of 14%. It involves action of yeasts to convert sugar to alcohol. Thru time, the definition is extended to other sugary fruits, woods and flowers. There is also provision that if the sugar content is not enough, sugar could be added. Making wine out of meat is not yet covered.

Addition of poisonous snake (and scorpion too) to any alcoholic drink is value adding to the extreme. A plain bitter alcohol suddenly became a cure all medicine and increases man’s virility. Not mentioning its worth as collectible item. Friends and relative coming to your home will surely amazed.

A cure all medicine. Here comes the boring sentence. There is no scientific evidence. I agree but the hell with this so boring line. Every paragraph that should be put on paper for publishing or as a resource should be proven scientifically by scientists, doctors and drug companies. How could there be evidence if no one is willing to study it in the first place!

Maybe it can indeed cure some diseases, maybe not. In can be a placebo effect. Believing you will be okay just because you have taken the wonder medicine. On the good side, stress tend worsen any disorder and even make a well person sick. Getting rid of stress is one factor of wellness.

Cobras are poisonous. If you are bitten, then, your life is in grave danger. However, alcohol has a degrading effect on proteins. Venom is protein and is degraded by alcohol. I guess that is the reason behind why they are fermenting (my term there is aging rather) it for a week to month.

Let us get things clear here. I am not telling you to make or drink it!

Manufacture and trade is forbidden in many countries because of its possible dangers and species near extinction. I don’t know if it is forbidden here but if your going to make one, you can’t get any permit. Applying business and FDA permits will be very troublesome. Law enforcers might sue you in the end.