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Thanks to tatay Flaviano for sharing his atemoya fruit to us. It was eye catching. It was the first time I’ve seen. It closely resemble atis and anonas. However, it was not either of the two. Rough calculation, it was about five times bigger. The one we brought home is over a kilogram. It has […]

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The Dried Guyabano Strips

yellowish dried guyabano

It crossed my mind making dried guyabano. Like mango, jackfruit and papaya, it also has a rare ripe stage. FYI for those who never know, dried fruit is best made with rare ripe materials. It should have enough fibers to hold its shape when cooked and dried. Fully ripes will tend to become puree when […]

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Camote With Grown Shoots

comote with sprouts

I bought this piece of camote for my simple experiments but have left it alone on top of fridge for several weeks. I got several out of town duties to attend to. I am very sorry little one. Few days ago, I noticed several shoots sprouted and began growing. Based from what I have seen […]

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Fruit and Veggie PLU Codes

just another fuji apple

I feel annoyed when apple has small sticker label. Often, after washing and began munching, a small piece of paper clings to my teeth. It is not biggie when I noticed beforehand. I simply scrape it off with knife. However, they are usually small and bear the same shade as the fruit skin. I guess, […]

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Darkening Buko Bits…

buko young coconut bits beginning to darken

There are reasons why we should keep buko meat soaked in its own water. We set aside the primary reason, we want to keep the delicious water for later drinking. Keeping the young coconut meat color is of great importance. It is beautifully white right after opening but begins to change color after a while. […]

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