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Darkening Buko Bits…

buko young coconut bits beginning to darken

There are reasons why we should keep buko meat soaked in its own water. We set aside the primary reason, we want to keep the delicious water for later drinking. Keeping the young coconut meat color is of great importance. It is beautifully white right after opening but begins to change color after a while. […]

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Canned Pineapple Cubes

pineapple cube

If it is not stated on title, you’re gonna have hard time guessing what this fruit slice is. I too had no idea at first. It is a yellow block sitting in between other fruit cubes. I got one, munched and told to myself, it is pineapple. It came from a rare ripe pineapple, pale […]

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34.78 Tons Bananas Gone as Compost

Getting product reject is one of the worse case that might happen. Well, it cannot be helped. Even after all the careful and strict practices, substandard products can only be minimized but not avoided. If the product under reject status simply does not comform to specifications and no threat to human health. Then, it can […]

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Making Natural Vinegar

A handful of discouragement before we begin. Making vinegar involves two completely separate process. First is wine process, the second is vinegar process. I mean wine should be created first before vinegar. Wine is pricier than other. So why bother jumping to second process if you can sell the first for more money, with lesser […]

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