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Papaya Atsara

I am confused here. I am not sure should I spell it. Atsara, achara or atchara. The English term is papaya pickle. However, I still have doubt about it. The recipe … is only a guide to get you started with. Try it and do adjustments. Then scale up using weight ratios, not cups, teaspoons […]

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Rambutan Seeds, containing oleic acid and arachidic acid

Our habit! Crack rambutan open. Suck in the mouth watering flesh, then threw away the seeds and peels. Imagine it on industry level, canning. They are simply discarded as waste and treated as of no economic value. What a huge waste of resource! Of course, dumped organic materials eventually decay and become fertilizer. However, we want something […]

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How To Make Fruit Wines

The procedure outlined here is applicable to almost all kind of fruits with the exception of citrus and citric acid containing fruits. Why? The organic acid called citric encourages acidification resulting to a sour tasting wine.  Also, addition of citric acid to adjust acidity is discouraged. Use tartaric acid instead. Trivia: The term “wine” originally […]

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