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Hot Gravy

hot gravy

Ouch, I almost dropped it. It felt burning hot and barely bearable. I was guessing the temperature was 70 to 80 C . Perhaps the gravy arrived here in frozen state and need reheating to about 90 C. I was curious at what temp did they fill the gravy in this disposable container. Some miscalculations […]

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label with tbhq

What I was not surprised. There was unfamiliar term on last of ingredient list. Judging from where it was placed, it is the item of least amount. Perhaps dangerous, not proven safe, not proven harmful either. There is no end to this. When one preservative is proven harmful. Scientists always come up with a questionable […]

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No Ads For Sugary Drinks

Those advertisements are too annoying. About three fourths of the broadcast were ads. The movie was too short and even cut shorter in the end. I barely understood what I intended to watch. What imprinted to my mind was the toothpaste brand that was repeatedly screened. Come to think of it, it was their ultimate […]

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Canned Juice Drink?

Juice drink? Just when did it changed to such. It is juice drink all along? I thought all canned juices have more percentage natural juice or nearly 100%. I know even if it is labeled 100% natural, it isn’t. Manufacturer sure adds some additive to make the shelf life significantly longer. It is pure when […]

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