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Fake Coke Rumors

fake coke manufacture

Nowadays, it is not suprising to hear news of fake products. Fake here, fake there and fake everywhere. There are too many of them that they sound ordinary thing. They don’t seem like news anymore. On the contrary, it is still bothersome when the fake food is your favorite thing. Fake Coke! Have you seen […]

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Parafin Wax on Apples

an apple slice

Have you heared of rumors of apples having paraffin wax? Suggestive of the thing “don’t eat it”. The same issue became a trend with instant noodles. It has paraffin. As remedy, intelligent netizens arrived to idea of double boiling it. During first foil, the paraffin will melt and rise up. Throw away the first boiled […]

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Bread, No Bromate

bread no bromate slogan

I am guessing it refers to potassium bromate. The substance use in baking. In shortest terms, it is a dough enhancer and bleach. Oh! I should have said whitening agent instead. The word “bleach” sounds unhealthy. Why omit from bread? Study found it cancerous in rat and mice. Its use is banned in many countries […]

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