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Sehat Badan, Dangerous Coffee

Sehat Badan, a coffee made of several Indonesian herbs. It claimed to promote and enhance general well-being and treat various diseases such as asthma, urinary stones, allergy, impotence, rheumatism, toothache and ulcer. The coffee was banned by Philippine FDA on January 2014 due to unapproved health claims, lack of label English translation and non-registration. Featured […]

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A US Ban on Magic Sarap?

I am not a fan of this product. I have a self imposed ban on it. A trending post said it will be banned in US. However, I can’t see evidence of its future ban in US, Philippines or any other countries. A Facebook user named Klimmy Gaviola posted on Facebook: Reports that this product […]

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Fake Salt

Yet another fake news. Three men from China were accused of manufacturing ten thousand tons of fake salt. The salt was said a product of processing waste agricultural chemicals. Further details about the waste were not disclosed. No reports of consumer complaints, food poisoning or untoward incident. However, considering the quantity produced, it was very […]

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