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Lemon Water. Do You Do?

lemon slices in water

Here she go again. She was up to something she cannot continue for long. Enticed by her officemates doings, he bought some lemon and infused slices in drinking water. She asked me if I like the thing. I, not knowing she already prepared. She emphasized it detoxifies our body. Drank a glass and commented it […]

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He is Selling Dried Guyabano Leaves

I know very well that guyabano is a popular and natural anti-cancer medicine. Many tried and cured by it, some were not. Folks far away from agricultural lands are searching ways to get it easily, thru local/online vendors or whoever they may find. Men with entrepreneurial skills are taking advantage by filling up the need […]

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The Phil Mango Balls

My schedule keeps on coming busy and my time for unique food hunting is getting narrow. It is a good thing they are coming on my way. Here is the Philippine Brand Mango Balls. It is sure a dehydrated product but not as dry as the others. A map-like structure is noticeable on packaging which […]

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The Rattan / Yantok Fruit

Remember the Paratungon-like fruit I posted? Now i know what it is. My wife accidentally saw its somewhere. It is nothing but the fruit of rattan / yantok which is called as littuko. It is popular where rattan industry exist, in northern part of Luzon. The fruit, specifically, is a fruit of Calamus manillensis, a […]

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The Paratungon-Like Fruit

– Has a skin similar to Paratungon. It is shiny and dirty white however. – The size is about three times smaller. –  It has been staying in my bag for almost three weeks now. – The shell self broke and the brown tamarind-like structure was revealed. – I never know how it taste and […]

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