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Fake Biogesic

Another fake medicine is in circulation. Someone is using the brand Biogesic for their own evil gain. For me, doing something purely for the sake of money is simply evil. When a certain medicine is discovered. The person/company concerned may file a patent giving him an exclusive right to produce. Other parties should seek permission […]

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The Cheese Bread Smells Moldy

cheese bread with a bite

Another cheese bread and yet another which smells like mold. However, there was no visible mold. Starting to grow I guess. Molds are use to make some cheese varieties. This sprinkled cheese perhaps is one of those. There is sure way of telling but I am not willing to wait and pay the price. This […]

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The 6 and 12 pesos SSB Excise Tax

Never heard anything yet about asin tax. The proposed law which supposed increased the price of salt laden food products such as noodles and junk foods. However, the sugar tax came into fruition under the TRAIN law. The excise tax on sugar-sweetened beverages. Before anything else, they should state good reasons why add hefty tax […]

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Mashed Potato Expiry

mashed potato

I developed the habit of smelling foods before I put it into my mouth. Especially foods that got cold and those that came from restaurants. Surprisingly, this is the first time the mashed potato we ordered has a nice aroma. All the previous have somewhat musty odor. A smell similar to spoiled rice. At first, […]

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Apple Seed, Peel and Cancer …

pear seed

I hate seeing someone peeling apple before eating. Their reason is simple. The peel never tastes good. However, I saw Americans on tv eating apples with peels intact. I supposed the peel is perfectly edible and should be eaten. Not thrown away. It is true, the peel does not taste good. However, I developed the […]

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