Gout Prevention That Works

I have never experience gout attacks for years now. It is safe to assume that my prevention methods are quite efficient.

Here they are. It supersedes all other gout related article I published earlier.

I take everything in moderation with the exception of water, fruits and vegetables. My point is, avoiding gravy and sardines is futile if I eat a lot of chicken legs and bacon. Bread and rice are not purine sources but I also avoid taking too much. As a general rule, I am stopping when my stomach is half full. The lightest meal is at dinner. The body needs the least amount of energy during sleep. Excess will only be stored as fat.

I drink a lot of water everyday. The first thing I put in stomach after waking up is a glass of water or two. I drink soft beverages and coffee rarely. Water therapy is recommended for dissolving purine crystal deposits, thus, during gout. However, why let gout attacks before drinking water a lot. Prevention is better than cure. Plus, water has lots of benefits more than we can imagine.

Few minutes morning exercise. In my line of work, legs down to feet are the least use part of my body. So I take time to do 15 minutes jogging every morning to compensate. It does not only help prevents gout attacks but is also making my legs stronger.

Sometimes, over eating is hard to avoid, specially on special occasions like town fiestas and birthdays. In this case, I am mixing one teaspoon baking soda in 500ml drinking water and taking it three times a day.

I initially took baking soda solution as gout cure. The instant relief claim of other website is not true, in my very own experience. In previous severe attacks, comfort could be felt after three to five days continuous intake. Onset could be arrested though.

Blood flows slower in feet and even slower in cold weather and cold night. It gives time to excess purine to deposit on joints resulting to gout. So I keep them warm by wearing socks, pajamas and using thick blanket during sleep.

The Purple Sweet Potato

peeled purple sweet potato

Suddenly, I was intrigued with the sweet potato color.  Kamote were not created equal. The common color I see is dirty white and others are orange and purple.  The one we are currently eating has white and purple shade. Who knows, genetically modified blue and green might have been invented already and began circulating. It is not impossible, the GMO multi-colored corn  was introduced several years ago.

peeled purple sweet potato

We used to harvest white kamote but we like more the variety bought from public market. The orange and sometimes purple shades. Their taste sweeter and the appearance is more pleasing to the eye.

Sweet potato color differences is attributed to amount of antioxidant it contain. The more intense the color is the more antioxidant it has. If we base it on color differences alone, the white gets the lowest score.

We made the right choice but planting the wrong variety. Too bad, father never had access to those.

The yellow to orange color is attributed to high beta carotene content. Essential for maintaining good eye health. Eat more if you have incoming school examinations. You know what I mean! The bad thing you do when you never know the answer.

The purple sweet potato is the healthiest of them all. Anthocyanins are responsible for purple color. It is the priority whenever possible. Choose orange in case the first is not available. This is often the case as purple is not common. Opting for white is not a bad choice either. Kamote is one of the healthiest food after all.

More Trivia: Purple pigment can be extracted and use as food coloring. Color changes depending on pH. Pink to raspberry red in pH 3, grape in pH 4 and blue in pH 7.

Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar bragg label

Ignoring the hearsay rules, I poured some apple cider vinegar in glass of instant orange juice. Still tasted like juice, only more sour. I drank it after breakfast.

The hearsay rule. Dilute apple cider vinegar in plain water and drink it early in the morning, before breakfast. I obviously violated two.

Mama bought an apple cider because of the old same reason. She heard from someone that it is good for the health. Healthiness is really a good selling point.

I remembered the scene few years ago. A clever businessman was making a fortune by selling kaong vinegar. What she did? She made an improvement in taste quality, packed it in elegant bottle and throw a tons of health claims. Would you believed? Vinegar can cure sore throat.

The product brand name is Bragg. Not from the word brag which means “show off”. It was from the surname of the owner I guess. However, the similarity in pronunciation make it kinda sound good.

apple cider vinegar bragg label

Here is the dilution ratio and intake times, as written legibly on label. Put one to two tsps in 8 oz water. Take three times daily. Maybe sweeten with sugar, honey, maple syrup or molasses.

So what I did is not necessarily wrong. It can be added with sweetener to improve the taste. Best taken three times a day. No notes whether to take it on full or empty stomach.

Explaining some label terms.

Raw – unfiltered. No heat treatment employed from juice extraction, mother preparation, harvesting and to packaging. The cider vinegar is package as is, no filtration done. The evidence is the mud-like thing that settles to bottom.

With the mother. For traditional vinegar making. The starting solution is mainly 1/3 mother and the other 2/3 is freshly prepared juice. Mother contains the live organisms needed to commence reaction which is Acetobacter aceti. Natural vinegar starters usually contain other microbial flora. Upon completion, 2/3 is harvested and the rest is left to serve as mother of the next batch. Basically, all naturally produced vinegar has fair amount of mother.

Naturally gluten free. From the best of my knowledge, only wheat products have gluten.

Eating Tilapia is Worse than Eating Bacon

Tilapia! It is not our favorite fish. It is affordable. It is a fish but no disagreeable fishy smell. Easy to clean, both entrails and scales. Easy to eat, as meat separates easily from bones. Quick cooking. And ultimately, it taste good. It is not our favorite fish but our habit is contradicting.

We cannot feast on meat, especially pork. We often resort to fruits and vegetables and fish as protein source. However, it seems our fish choice is worse than pork meat according to studies. I heard it several times already. Not once, not twice.

Last heard from Aksyon TV. A study conducted by Wake Forest University and published by American Dietetic Association found this out. Tilapia has more bad omega 6 fatty acid than beneficial omega 3. The combination may cause inflammation resulting to heart disease, arthritis and asthma. It is worse than eating bacon, as mentioned.

This bad news is not blamed on fish itself but how they are grown nowadays. Most traded tilapia are raised inside fish pens and ponds. Given specially formulated feeds and supplement to reach maximum size in the shortest possible time. Kinda similar to pig fattener and broiler chickens.

I see beyond omega 6. The tilapia we are consuming are loaded with artificial feeds, antibiotics, growth promotants, supplements and other chemicals of unknown safety.

Philippine is the 5th largest producer of tilapia globally.

Mother-Baby Friendly Workplace

mother-baby friendly workplace certification

I am wondering why there is a breastfeeding station inside SM Mall. I am seeing its door every time I am on my way to comfort room. I am curious what is inside. No one was entering and going out so I never had a chance to glance. I am guessing breastfeeding on-the-go is not in practice. Moms always carry infant formula to keep their baby’s tummy full. Filipino women are conservative type, most feel ashamed of doing it in public.

I know, maybe, the management wants their establishment to be a “Mother-Baby Friendly Workplace”. Not only for mall customers and strollers but for their own employees too.

I got the idea when I saw the FNRI-DOST was certified as “Mother-Baby Friendly Workplace”. It was included in their regular publication.

mother-baby friendly workplace certification

The agency said they ensures the promotion and practice of breastfeeding by providing a healthy and safe working conditions for women through the establishment of a lactation station.

It is a well-lighted and clean room with comfortable sofa equipped with the basic amenities such as lavatory, refrigerator, table and breast pumps. Breastfeeding moms are given 40 minute break to express their milk for later use.

In my imagination, I have a rough idea on how the breastfeeding station looks like.

Curing Ingrown

cotton inserted beneath ingrown

I suffered from toenail ingrown several years ago.

Here was the story.

Vanity strike. I often cut my toenail. When it grow back and tip started going farther away form the skin, dirt accumulate beneath. It was ugly and disgusting. I used to work in my father’s farm and soil were sticking like crazy. Keeping the toenails trimmed is a must.

Then untoward incident happened. Part of the toenail started growing beneath the skin. I was not sure if it was natural phenomenon or my negligence. Maybe the corners were trimmed improperly. Some pointed parts remained and growth build up thru the skin.

It was too late when I discovered the ailment. Both toenails on left and right feet had fierced deep enough to cause wound. It was painful. I couldn’t put on shoes. Walking was hard. Slight external force was causing extreme pain.

I spent hours cutting off the toenail that pierced through the skin and I almost screamed when I pulled it out. Take note that I worked on two ingrown.

I never wanted the same thing in the future. I took good care of cutting them. There was an ugly looking build up of flesh and skin around it. I let the toenail grow pass the point of build up so ingrown won’t happen again.

Few weeks passed and I did what I intended. My left and right toenails look ugly. Irregularly shaped with one side slightly pointed. Plus, dirt always got underneath and needed to be pricked often. At least, no more ingrown and no more painful toes.

Then, I accidentally stumbled to interesting infographic. That is how to naturally cure ingrown without undergoing surgery.

Surgery? I was glad mine never went that far.

About the treatment. It is very simple. It involves inserting damp cotton underneath the problem area. Doing it everyday for several weeks will get rid of the problem and return toes to its previous form.

My ingrown is no more but the toenails are ugly. The bulge muscle around it makes the appearance uglier.

Today, I am starting the treatment for vanity.

cotton inserted beneath ingrown