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From 45 to 35 Days…

The more reason to engaged in poultry farming. The money making scheme has been significantly reduced by 10 days. You get one extra growing season for every third cycle. This was a result of technological advancement. New growth hormones, more efficient feed formula, more antibiotics and medicines are force down to chicken organs. Less chicken […]

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Banana Peel Has High Dopamine Content

When preparing fruits and vegetables, it is recommended to peel as thin as possible to conserve nutrients. They are more concentrated toward the peels. The thicker outside covering removed, the more nutrients gone to waste. Some vegetables are normally peeled but opting not also works. In such cases, cooking/eating them as is, is a good […]

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Gout Prevention That Works

I have never experience gout attacks for years now. It is safe to assume that my prevention methods are quite efficient. Here they are. It supersedes all other gout related article I published earlier. I take everything in moderation with the exception of water, fruits and vegetables. My point is, avoiding gravy and sardines is […]

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The Purple Sweet Potato

peeled purple sweet potato

Suddenly, I was intrigued with the sweet potato color.  Kamote were not created equal. The common color I see is dirty white and others are orange and purple.  The one we are currently eating has white and purple shade. Who knows, genetically modified blue and green might have been invented already and began circulating. It […]

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Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar bragg label

Ignoring the hearsay rules, I poured some apple cider vinegar in glass of instant orange juice. Still tasted like juice, only more sour. I drank it after breakfast. The hearsay rule. Dilute apple cider vinegar in plain water and drink it early in the morning, before breakfast. I obviously violated two. Mama bought an apple […]

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