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Why Junk Foods Are Cheap?

Stiff competition. We are born with a sweet tooth and perhaps a salty tooth too. We love sweets like soft drinks, instant juice drinks, candies, chocolates and ice cream. Some even occasionally eat pure sugar crystals. We are also fond of eating salty snacks, potato, corn chips, fish crackers, chicharon and corn nut. We eat […]

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People Who Drink More Coffee Lives Longer

There are so many contradicting studies and stories about coffee. Some are good and some are bad. Their numerous quantity makes me doubt what to believe. Should we avoid coffee or not? I think the keys are purity and moderation. Anything taken in excess is harmful. Alcohol in moderation is beneficial but too much is […]

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Light Bulbs for Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are just… What do I call them? They are annoying, irritable and persistent pest. They just go whenever you don’t want them to. Hide, breed and do damage in your things. They are hard to control even with the most potent pesticide. They keep on coming in one after the other. Develop resistance to […]

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The Shock and Vibration Resistant LED Bulb

made of polycarbonate plastic

A fragile lighting fixture above food under process is a hazard. It is an accident waiting to happen. Breakage might cause contamination to food with sharp glass fragments, electronic parts and poisonous LED solder. Due to this reason, regulatory bodies require lighting devices which could resist breakage. So my hunt started. First: Unbreakable Polycarbonate Bulb. […]

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