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Examine This Water Vending Machine

water venting machine

I am not against this water vending machine. What I never like is the manner of implementation. No protection against dust, dirt and other contaminants. At least, it should be enclosed with clear glass or acrylic. Window operable only when appropriate amount is dropped in coin slot. Then closed the rest of time. The vending […]

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Is PVC Food Safe?

orange upvc pipe

I once been to oil refilling factory. They are using blue pvc pipe. I don’t really mind its safety as the whole area is very dirty from the start.  I warned my wife about unbranded oil but she keeps on buying. Some manufacturers are using pvc containers for their product. See this post for example, […]

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Tikong Fish

Yet another news of fish poisoning. From GMA 7 Unang Balita. Two siblings died in Camarines Sur after eating lunch including tikong fish menu. The said fish culprit was made into adobo. The other two kids survived and recuperated in hospital. The fish ban has long been imposed by authorities. However, fishermen are still catching it. […]

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Poor Pest Control Management

For a food operator, a complaining costumer about cockroach found on his meal is a problem. But, if the particular customer is connected with media, we are talking of a disaster. Aside of family health concern, it is a big scoop. It will sure grab netizen attention. His instinct will tell him with no second […]

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