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Secondary Packaging as Display Shelf

carton as display shelf instructions

Don’t get the wrong idea. I am not promoting the consumption of instant noodles. I posted it because of the instruction embedded on the box side. It literally shows if the box is cut along the dotted lines, it can be used as display dispenser box. Food commodities are usually package within two containers. Primary […]

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Edible Food Packaging! Anyone?

Biodegradable food packaging is great if saving the environment is our concern. Compared to plastic, bottles and tin cans that stay intact on ground for hundred years. Biodegrades looses its identity after being thrown to garden soil. It may take sometime but it definitely biodegrades. Wait! If we give the situation a thought. Biodegradable food […]

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Jute Sack

Jute sack is the industry standard for packaging cacao and coffee despite of its several weak points.  Why it was chosen? Simply because of three things. It is cheap, durable and porous. Tons and tons could be fumigated inside a warehouse. Its porous nature allows the entry of fuming agent, killing pest and thereby increasing […]

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Ceramic Non Stick Pans

My four year old daughter became accustomed to watching the regular morning show, Shop Japan. She is always asking to power on the television to watch her favorite segment, the Cerafit. Shop Japan is a television show selling variety of products. Transaction is via phone. Goods are delivered at customer’s doorstep and payment is done […]

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The White and Covered Pail


It was used to contain pasteurized egg white. Now, we are using it as raw material and semi-finished product storage. I see some micro enterprise doing the same thing. In fact, I get this affordable idea from them. I worked in medium scale company before. We were using the same pail as finished product packaging. […]

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