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Why Use Food Colors?

The use of natural and artificial colors is optional in food processing. However, the following reasons might be enough to irradiate the term “optional”. 1) Imitate the shade of a similar product. Do you still remember the advertisement about banana and ketchup. Ripe banana was color yellow but banana ketchup was red. The spectators said, […]

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Benefits and Uses of Achuete (Atswete, Annatto)


Local names: Achiti (Ilk.); achote (Tag.); achoete (Tagb.); achuete (Tag., Sbl., Bik., P. Bis., Ilk.); asoti (Ibn.); atsiute (Sbl.); apatut (Gad.); asuite (Ilk.); asuti (Tag.); atseuete (Tag.); atsuite (Ilk.); chanang (Sul.); chotes (S. L. Bis.); janang (Sul.); sotis (C. Bis.); annatto (Engl.). Achuete is usually planted in and about towns throughout the Philippines. It is […]

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