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The Thien Baffle for Cocoa Husk Collection

I have a working cyclone dusk collector. However, I never use it for household cleaning. It is solely intended for roasted cocoa winnowing, separating unwanted husks from precious nibs. A year ago, I decided to streamline my cacao processing operations. Started with the messiest and most labor extensive part, the winnowing. Imagine 20 kilograms was […]

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The Snail Blower Fan

snal turbo fan on top of cyclone husk collector

I just can’t get my shopvac noise lower. I can, by enclosing it in silencer bin, however, it is big and will eat up considerable amount of space. Not good. Another consideration is the heat build-up. Running vacuum motor is hot already on its own even with constant air flow. What more if it is […]

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