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Informal Drying Lessons

Hardcore drying involves complex mathematical calculations. But, the following are just simple tips. Do not worry! 1) Surface area matters. The more surface area the faster the drying time will be. Some practices to increase surface area are slicing, chopping and pulverizing. That is if particle size reduction is allowed or is the normal product […]

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Advantages of Microwave Sterilization on Condiments

Using microwave as method of sterilization provides several advantages: Steam sterilization method needs very long time and has bad effects on flavor. A succession of rapid heating and rapid cooling prevents significant flavor changes. Microwave energy provides the rapid heat. Irradiation destroys the molecular structure and generates harmful irradiation residue. Why use a dangerous method […]

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The No Oil Frying Method For Tocino

The common problem when frying tocino is the burnt sugar. It burns fast that sides were already have black specs before I can take them out of hot bubbling cooking oil.  My friend who is a Meat Processing Trainor is often telling his audiences that such could be prevented not only by frying technique but […]

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