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Fresh Juice, Syrup, Ethanol and Other Products from Sweet Sorghum

Yet another no-waste crop, sweet sorghum. Engr. Tony and Doris Arcangel of Bapamin Enterprises, Batac, Ilocos Norte thru Mag-Agri Tayo shared the products they are producing out of sweet sorghum. They are the following: Fresh juice. A sweet extract gathered after passing the harvested stalks via mechanical presser.  Fresh extract can be drink as is, […]

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The Tomato Peeling Guide

Here is a very simple tomato peeling guide just in case you want it peeled before cooking. Taking off tomato skin is a must for making tomato sauces and pastes. Should be done for fine dining preparations. Optional for home cooked recipes. And it is the very reason why I never like eating sarsiadong isda – my […]

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The Layman Buko Shredding Guide

Here are some crude tip before buko shredding starts… Prepare for the great adventure. Think as if you are going to climb a mountain or going to a picnic in the deep forest. Wear your best gear, long sleeves, long pants, cap and shoes. Secure all the needed tools. Container for shredded coconut, shred tool […]

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