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Coconut Macapuno Spread

white macapuno shreds

I think I had never seen makapuno in ages. I felt nostalgic the time we used to fetch every mature coconut from our two short coconut trees. Hoping to get a macapuno or two. It was thank to my mom who gratefully gave us one. Note: My wife taught is was a regular matured coconut. […]

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Sour Tasting Hot Dogs and Other Processed Meat

Have you ever eaten a sour hot dog?  I have. Not once, but several times already. I thought it was okay. I was thinking there were brands formulated to have slightly acidic taste. Not to differentiate flavor but to extend its shelf life further. I began suspecting after tasting a sour chicken nuggets. It shouldn’t […]

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She brought home this unfamiliar leafy vegetable. As I thought, she bought it because of someone convincing her it is not only good tasting but great for the health too. The makeup is like pechay Baguio but the color is as dark as brocolli. It smells like and literally tastes like grass with bitter and […]

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The Veggie Meat Loaf

arrow veggie meat sliced

Wrapped neatly like a meatloaf and I thought it was one. It is a veggie meat. I planned to fry it for lunch but hesitated when I saw the veggiemeat label. It might be designed for something else other than fried viand. Well, I’ll never know unless I try. I took off the two layers […]

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