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Making Candied and Glazed Fruits

Candied fruits are heavily impregnated with sugar, coated with confectioner’s sugar, and dried for transparent, smooth and glossy surface. Fruits to be candied should be firm and ripe. Too-soft fruits will not be hold its shape during the processing. A small amount of corn syrup will prevent hard sugar crystals from forming; too much will […]

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How to Make Fruit Pickles (mango, siniguelas, kamias, papaya, and santol)

GENERAL PRINCIPLES Pickles may be prepared with or without fermentation. Pickles, however, are generally better in flavor. aroma, texture, and keeping quality when fermented. Bacterial growth in natural fermentation is controlled by certain imposed  environmental factors, such as salt and acid concentrations, temperature, duration of salting, and nutritional  requirements of the lactic acid bacteria. The […]

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