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Sour Tasting Hot Dogs and Other Processed Meat

Have you ever eaten a sour hot dog?  I have. Not once, but several times already. I thought it was okay. I was thinking there were brands formulated to have slightly acidic taste. Not to differentiate flavor but to extend its shelf life further. I began suspecting after tasting a sour chicken nuggets. It shouldn’t […]

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How to Make Chicken Intestine Barbecue, Isaw

broiling isaw

Before the chicken intestines are thrown away, no use for it. Now, the intestines are cleaned and sold as isaw (chicken intestine barbecue) by street vendors. Procedure: 1) Buy chicken intestine only from trusted retailer. Some vendors never clean it thoroughly. The remaining waste materials inside the intestines are not edible and will only add […]

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How to Cook Chicken Adobo

adobong manok

Adobo is the Spanish term for seasoning mix or marinade. A kind of marinade – mixtures of vinegar or wine and oil with various spices and seasonings; used for soaking foods before cooking. Ingredients and cooking style may vary from region to region. I asked my father how to cook adobo. Maybe this is the […]

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