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Make Sasso Chicken Reformed Ham

Sasso chickens are much like the Philippine’s native chicken in terms of flavor. It has very thin skin, with minimal subcutaneous fat and has large firm flesh, which does not easily crumble when cut. The meat is significantly more tender than the native chicken. This was an excerpt from the thesis study of Remie Velando, […]

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Meat Curing Basic Techniques, Tocino and Tapa

Basic Principles Curing is a preservation method frequently applied to meat. It involves the use of ingredients that can inhibit growth of microorganisms, preserves the red meat color and provides characteristic flavor to meat when cooked. Curing ingredients basically include salt, sugar, nitrates and nitrates and may include phosphates. Spices are normally added to further […]

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Basic Lay-out of Meat Processing Plant

processing plant lay-out

Characteristics of a Properly Laid-out Meat Processing Area A meat processing businesses should have a hygienically designed and easily cleaned processing area to prevent contamination of products. Availability of good water supply and manpower, proximity to main roads and transport facilities and nearness to markets should also be considered. Cleanliness of the surrounding area should […]

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How to Make a Coney Sauce

Someone asked me how to make a coney sauce. I never know anything about it . That coney sauce made me very curious…. After spending sometime looking around, I got some idea. Coney sauce is popular in Ohio and New York. Maybe someone can tell me more about it. Here is the coney sauce recipe. […]

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