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Ginataang Paiti | The Second Iteration

This recipe was my experience on how to cook adventures. Why? Because, I never cooked this kind of exotic food before. However, I ate such several times already. Thank goodness, my brother-in-law was kind enough to share some of their dishes. It was good tasting so I tried it for myself. I had a hard […]

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Steamed Fresh Tilapia

Ingredients: 1 big fresh tilapia (about half kilo) 3 tomatoes, cubes 2 head onions, chopped 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 pc ginger, thumb-size 1 tsp ground pepper salt to taste aluminum foil as tilapia wrapper Preparation Instructions: Clean and wash fresh tilapia. Using a sharp stainless steel knife, make a longitudinal cut on back, starting […]

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The Rare, Long and Heavy Igat

A man was walking on the street with a long and heavy fish on his right arm. Where did it come from? Maybe he bought it or he was the one selling. Caught it from river by any means. I was interested but thought it was too expensive. The fish was about as tall as […]

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