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How to Make Banana Heart Pork Lumpia

banana heart lumpia final wrapping stage

Almost any kind of meat and vegetable mixtures can be wrapped in a lumpia wrapper and deep-fried. Every kind of mixture may result in a unique delectable taste. Or, the cooking experiment may result in a failure or not so desirable outcome. Tocino, longganisa, embutido, corned beef, etc.. can be tried for lumpia making. This […]

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Nilagang Gabi, Paayap and Kalamismis

nilagang gabi paayap at kalamismis

I asked her what was the name of her new dish. She was unable to tell the name so I just called it “Nilagang Gabi, Paayap at Kalamismis”. Ingredients: 1 retail bundle paayap 3 pieces medium gabi,  cubes 1 retail bundle sigarilyas/kalamismis 1 thumb sized ginger, sliced salt and monosodium glutamate to taste. Procedure: 1) […]

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