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KFC Fully Loaded Meal

kfc fully loaded meal

Fully loaded meal? I was still thinking about my order but it was already my turn. I never wanted the persons behind me to wait long, neither the crew. I chose it as it was the first I saw. It seemed by brain thinking got slower due to hunger. Maybe people doesn’t really care much […]

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Jollibee Hot Chocolate

Got it as per service crew suggestion. I am always taking hot coffee in the morning. An occasional change is not bad. I also thought it might be nice to compare my very own product with commercially available counterpart from time to time. I can determine if mine is as good, better or needs improvement. […]

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Dunkin Donut Coffee

Do food become more delicious when posted on internet (especially on Facebook)? This what Bitoy was angrily asking to his colleague. Well, the answer is obviously no but it kinda feel like pride for some people who are able to buy popular foods that may symbolize social status. This was not a status symbol Star […]

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Food Stalls in Front of MOA

Here again on front of Mall of Asia. Ever since it was built and Cavitex became operational, I have no choice but to changed my travel route from Cavite to Manila and back. The Manila ordinance prohibiting the entry of provincial buses forced me further. The Bus terminal in Baclaran and the numerous buses stopping […]

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