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For no any reasons, I decided to make a log of the changes made in this blog site. Changes includes design, theme, plugins, rules, major article changes or omission and about the author. It never includes the regular posting activities of course.

June 6, 2012

Deactivated Google Embedder and FD Feedburner Plugin.

June 5, 2012

No blank comments have been appearing lately. I think it was solved by one of the several steps taken but not sure which is.

Start : June 4, 2012

WordPress 3.3.2 with seven widgets.
1) Subscribe buttons
2) Drop down category topics
3) Suggested readings
4) Ad space
4) Facebook recommendations
5) Facebook likes
6) More reading suggestions

In every posts are two facebook like buttons, two google plus buttons, one twitter button, two ad spaces, related posts and a thread commenting system.

List of 13 third party plugins. It was a major trim down from more than 23. Based from my very own experience, too many is hard to manage especially during errors.
1) Akismet – spam checker, blocker and deleter.
2) Broken link checker – automatically remind of broken links for future removal. Bad links are bad for website integrity.
3) cbnet Ping Optimizer – automatic ping to array of crawler bots.
4) FD Feedburner Plugin – to have only one feed, instead of two.
5) Google Dod Embedder – for old post with embedded pdf files. Planning to remove it soon.
6) Google Xml Sitemaps – regular creation and submission of sitemap. Thinking about it, remove or not.
7) Hyper Cache – for faster web browsing.
8) Post-Plugin library – ?
9) Recent Posts – ?
10) Subscribe to comments – ?
11) Random Posts – ?
12) WordPress Popular Post – ?
13) YARRP – related post

A clean white design. It renders well in modern (as of date) browsers, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer including mobile android phones, ipads and iphones.

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