An Interesting Question.. Ampalaya for Chocolate Making?

Most people like chocolate not because it is bitter. It is because of too much sugar added to it. I am not sure if we are born with a sweet tooth or we are trained to have it. Some people eat roasted cacao, the nibs. Others prefer 100% pure chocolate. I am making 70% bean-to-bar chocolate but my two kids never eat it. They love sari-sari store bought chocolates instead.

If majority love sweet things, then why add another bitter ingredient to an already bitter one? Is it just because of possible benefits to health and not for flavor development?

If you are used to commercial mass produced chocolates. The kind of very sweet and less chocolaty taste. Then you’ll reject the artisinal bean-to-bar the first time you try it. What more if bitter ampalaya is added.

If the question is ampalaya for chocolate making. Then the answer is a straight no. Cocoa beans has typical cocoa butter content of 50%, while the other has nothing at all. Amplaya coffee is possible because the only thing needed is roast it to near charcoal state. People tend to add the “coffee” word to anything roasted these days. Corn coffee, rice coffee, soya coffee etc…

If the question is ampalaya for adding to chocolate. Then, it can be. Chili can be mixed to chocolate. The hot and spicy.. Why not try the bitter ampalaya. Healthy plus another healthy partner is double the benefits. Slice ampalaya, dry, and use as chocolate toppings. For bean-to-bar makers, dried veggie could be added during the grinding phase.

For me it is not worth a try. But, who knows? The combination might become a big hit.


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