Making Chocolate Bars | Colloid Mill as Grinder/Refiner

First of two articles which were left in my scratch pad. I guess it is not too late to publish them here.

First Trial

This my first real chocolate trial using the colloid mill. I tried the regurgitate feature and it worked well. The result was a silky smooth pure chocolate. I tried adding sugar while regurgitation was in process but it was not working the way I want to. The liquid was too viscous to dissolve all the without intervention.

Second Trial

About 15% sugar added to liquor before grinding with the regurgitator. It was working fine but I should not load too much on the hopper. Still experimenting how much it could carry. Perhaps additional butter will make the liquor more fluid and operation smoother. It was not available and I have no plans on getting some.

The liquid chocolate tasted just right. I can say it was awesome for my first trial. I did not left anything for molding though. It think it calls for verification trials.

Third Trial

About 50% sugar added and mixed to liquor before grinding. I removed the regurgitator tube this time. The high speed and low torque mill could not handle the load. I poured it slowly and let flow down the spout.

Too much sugar and too much heat build-up were bad things. The taste was too sweet with a strong bite of burnt taste. I should reinforce the cooling system and reduce sugar quantity. Too much sugar is not healthy so I should keep it low.

I produced a surplus of 50%/50% mixture. I moulded them all in ice tray mold. The chocolates were absorbing moisture after a while and forming droplets that never dries out.

The droplets I am referring to are still there after few days. I am guessing they are patches of syrup. I wonder what could have caused it.


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