The cocoa cracker winnower.

I believe I started working on a cocoa winnower last November 2014. Cocoa winnowing outside the house with the use of fan and bamboo tray works just fine but there are two great drawbacks. First is the losses. There is a considerable amount of nib loss that is beyond my control. Those nibs that are accidentally blown away by fan are laid on dirty ground. Why would I pick them back? The second. It is unsanitary. I am throwing mess off my yard and in return the nibs that are suppose to be human food are also catching dirt.

Buying a winnower to save me the trouble was a good idea. However, there is no such in the local scene. All there are, are from foreign land that I need loose a lot plus import charges. There should be a better way so I did some research work.

A combination of vacuum cleaner, PVC pipes, and a pipe gallon bucket could be tuned to become a cocoa winnower. Such contraption is used by many artisan chocolate makers. They are saying less than 50$ worth of materials plus the cost of shop-vac works well. The money they save are thrown to buy more cacao beans.

How many revisions I have done? I think its about five now. I equipped it with another diy project, the cocoa cracker. My current build has a recent nib recovery of 82% with the large fermented and well dried beans.

I’ll post picture later.


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