Polycarbonate Chocolate Break Apart Mold Buy

Second of two articles which were left in my scratch pad. I guess it is not too late to publish them here.

Just today, I pulled the trigger. I bought six pieces of chocolate bar molds. The 6×9.5×1 cm break apart mold from Fat Daddios. Well, the company itself never do retail so I had to get it from Ebay reseller. I bought six mold pieces. Each piece has three blocks so I am expecting 18 chocolate bar pieces per batch. If what they are saying that properly tempered chocolate only takes three minutes to set, then, my order would be enough for batch production.

My choice of mold was a bit expensive. There are similar size molds which are priced almost seven times lower, but made of thin and brittle plastic. Some silicone molds are about half the cost. They are dishwasher safe and very durable. Too flexible though. I feel using a scraper to wipe off the excess choco liquor is not appropriate. I want something sturdy and durable. Polycarbonate molds fall to that category. Besides, most craft chocolate makers use high quality polycarbonates. If proper care is taken, then, it should last a life time.

My problem are: I am a complete noob when it comes to chocolate molding. I know in theory that it should be tempered before pouring into molds. However, the art works the other way around. It needs practice. A lot of practice maybe. The second: I have no chocolate tempering machine. I need to patiently do it by hand for as long as I do not have that device.

I am sure I can master the mold I decided to buy. For the time being, I will continue making the diy choco mold I have in mind.

Expected delivery date is from December 18 to January 6. I am hoping it never catch eyes of ill will Custom staff. This is what I am worrying about when it comes to online overseas purchase. I have to deal with it and to whatever problems it carries if I want to succeed.

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