Lindt 85% Dark Chocolate

Yet another pricier chocolate in my possession. The “Lindt 85% Dark Chocolate”. I like to reiterate that I am buying and tasting chocolates to compare to and improve my own craft. So let’s get going.

Picture should be here but I can’t remember how I forgot it. Probably due to excitement.

The “Lindt” engraved on every square make me wanna contract my very own. It is baddass looking. A professional looking product taken to the next level. This also puts extra burden to product imitators. It needs a huge capital for sure.

lindt 85 percent chocolate

A dull looking surface finish. I am always trying to achieve a nice glossy surface. I manually temper and usually getting my goal. This thing seems telling me that a slight miss is not a bad thing. Appearance has a lot to suggest about flavor but a dull finish does not mean it is not good tasting.

Dark colored. Darker hue than any cheap chocolate on shelves. Not surprising as it is dark. However, mine even in its purest form is reddish brown. Maybe this is what the community called dark roast. From what I read, dark roast on cocoa beans is used to remedy the flavors of different sources. Beans from different region have their own unique flavor profiles. The same with low and high quality cacao. Roast over the recommended flattens flavor.

The taste is bitter, slightly sweet and mildly acid towards the end. It is very smooth in between tongue and palate. Much superb compared to mine. The interesting part is the intense bitter after taste. It last for about 15 minutes if not cleansed with water.

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