Natural and Instant Cocoa Powder ?


For whatever reasons I cannot pinpoint, the cacao tablets I have been making is now easily soluble in hot water. When I say hot I mean recently boiled. Take a piece or two and stir in hot water for about 15 to 30 seconds and it is ready to drink. Almost as good as instant coffee. It is more convenient compared to how we suggest preparation before. Boiling for not less 30 minutes or it will just sit in bottom for eternity. If we think about it, only people with time to spare can enjoy the delicious taste of self made hot chocolate.

I loose track. I started by switching to good fermented beans. Experimented with oven roasting in lieu of unpredictable tulyasi method. Made the particle size as fine as I could. Lastly, hand tempered before pouring into molds. Water solubility must be caused by one of the criteria or two that I’ve mentioned. Whatever, I have no time right now to figure that out. I should recover first the beans I wasted during the long research and development.

Some folks are asking me if I could produce an instant cocoa powder. I always say no for reasons. First, I don’t have the means to produce it. The equipment required is beyond my reach. The bars I was producing were not readily water soluble. I have means of turning them to powder but still, it need boiling to dissolve completely. Last, I never want a powder that has been ripped of butter.

Now, cocoa bars are readily soluble in hot water. I can make powder without extracting off the butter. There still one thing that I can never solve. I did a packaging test. The powder melts easily when held with hands. And if subjected to harsher temperature, it will melt completely and turn to ugly looking mass when hardened.


Maybe the best way is stop experimenting with the powder thing. The better solution, maybe, is revise the suggested serving instruction.


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