New Bean Cracker Prototype, Initial Testing

new diy bean cracker with hopper

So I got the  bean cracker prototype to a rough working condition. I made a locking mechanism for break size adjustment and a crude crank handle.

I got excited and wanted to test it right away. I felt it cannot wait for real production batch. In addition, its none coated condition makes it not fit for production trials. Wood dust may end with the nibs.

I gathered some reject beans. Those that were broken, partially shelled and sprouted. I am not using them anyway and are ending up as compost. Better make use of them before the decomposition thing happen.

I adjusted oven condition just for one tray of unfit beans. Preheated, maintained desired temperature and other things that are done during normal production batch.

I had the roasted beans for testing. As expected, shelled and partially shelled beans are burnt. I was glad I am rejecting them.

Loaded beans on hopper and crank the handle. It was very slow for unfinished prototype. However, I felt good news already. I was hearing cracking sounds for every quarter turn. Unlike the current one. Equipped with a motor and continuously turning but frequently fails to drop cracked cacao.

Now I will work my way to making the shaft solid steel and have it sit on nice ball bearings.

I set a free time. I did final measurements and went to the nearest machine shop.  I had the roller machine out of full steel.  Hard stainless steel is next in line if things go the way I want.

I got a geared motor and  had it installed. Semi-automated test is next. Hope it goes smoothly.


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