The Bean -to-bar Chocolate Sweetened with Stevia Powder

bean to bar chocolate with stevia powder

I tried making bean-to-bar chocolate sweetened with a little stevia powder for a prospective client.

bean to bar chocolate with stevia powder

Through little by little addition and taste testing, I arrived to two formula that suited my taste buds, about 3% and 4% respectively. Both had strong and nice cocoa taste with faint malunggay flavor (because I added malunggay too, by request). The herb like stevia taste was lingering in the end and becoming stronger as the cocoa fades.

I stopped there thinking more stevia sugar would be overwhelming and ruin the overall taste experience. The product I saw online only uses 2%. Maybe that is the right formula, only two percent. I went a little overboard.

After sufficient holding period, I sent some to client for taste test. I also conducted taste testing with my buddies.

The client liked it, a Korean guy, but still think more sweetness was needed. He asked increasing the percentage up to 10% and removing the malungay powder.

My own set of taste testers simply didn’t like what I made. It cannot rival my main stream products.

Ten percent, that would be disaster. I did his request any and sent him another sample set. It’s been over a month now and still never heard from him.

The sweetness has increased tremendously but my colleages still didn’t like it.

I never want stevia to my coffee and now I don’t want it in my chocolate.


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