Stevia for Sweetening Chocolate

stevia sweetened with chocolate

Someone liked my creation and asked me if I can do him a favor. Make a chocolate for him but instead use stevia as sweetener. I agreed as long as he provides the costly stevia. He agreed and the experiment commenced.

I almost blindly replaced the 30 % cane sugar with stevia powder. I was glad I let the idea sit for days. If I didn’t, the resulting product would be extremely sweet.


Bean-to-bar chocolates availabe online are rated 98 percent. Stevia amount must be only two percent. Or lower, if there are other inclusions such as chili, nibs, nuts and the likes.

Stevia is about 200 times as sweet as refined cane sugar. However, doing the math for adustment isn’t exactly right. Stevia powder has maltodextrin as carrier, not pure basically. And another thing, I never know how much carrier it has.

Stevia drops (in liquid form) might be more concentrated. However, water is chocolate enemy.

Stevia leaf? I tried it before on other products. It simply didn’t work. I need it extracted and powdered.

and here is the trial result.

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stevia sweetened with chocolate


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