The Melanger Arrives


This new grinder, specifically melanger, opens new possibility.


My current grinder output is good enough, and this one would make it even better. A silky smooth texture. When we talk about chocolate, texture affects flavor greatly, the finer the better.

A lesser heat grinding scheme. Granite rollers are popular for chocolate makers because of one thing. It produces significantly lesser heat as compared to steel burr mill and ball mills. Lesser heat tend to preserve flavor. There are also claims of preserved nutrient value, which the “raw chocolate revolution” take advantage of.

A new equipment to learn and tinker with. I knew melanger for so long, but I had only seen it in videos and images. I have already read many guidelines on its usage. Now, it is the real thing. My actual experience might be very different from what I previously learned. It is time to find out.

More electricity bill to pay. It is a slow grinder and so will run for longer hours. It means a sudden rise in electricity bill in coming months. I hope I have a solar panel system to run it.

A possibility for new products. What other products I could make here? A stone ground peanut butter maybe. In India, it is popular for grinding water soaked rice. Whatever it is, it must be something elegant, could be sold for a higher price to cover for electricity cost.

For starters, this machine is too heavy for its size. The granite rollers and slab look solid and very durable. Not water absorbent. I half filled it with water and ran for few hours. It started drying few minutes after emptying.

I am hoping it never absorbs food flavors.


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  • where did you buy this machine? and how much? thanks.

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