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  3. Nag start po kami mag distilled ng Lambanog from coconut sap pero hindi naihiwalay yung bating o yung unang patak. may paraan pa po ba para maihiwalay itong bating. Pwede po bang lutuin ulit itong lambanog para maihiwalay itong bating. Thank you po

    1. methanol evaporates at 64.7 °C while ethanol at 78.37 °C. In theory if you want to collect the first, you have to start the condensation process at that point and stop at 78. On the other hand if you want to eliminate the methanol instead, start collecting the condensed liquid at 78.37 C. Both alcohols are colorless. It is recommended to have your alcohol product tested before letting your costumer consume it.

    1. I am very sorry for the inconvenience. Follow this link to get the recipe. Basically, grape and all fruit follow the same procedures.

      The metabisulfite can be bought online as Campden Tablets.

      Do not heat your wine at any stage if you wanna preserve delicate flavors. The metabisulfite is enough to do that. Don’t worry either about this preservative. It will degrade all during fermentation – as long as you don’t add too much.

      Get Lalvin as your wine yeast..

      Good luck my friend…Hope you can give me feedback of your progress.

  4. Hello!

    I read your insightful article on Cashew Wine. I am working on a project in the EU and would love to get in touch with you to have a more private discussion on this matter and mutually beneficial opportunities. Please share your email/phone (anything you’re comfortable with sharing) on

    I know you must be busy but I really wish to hear back from you! Connecting to such intellectual and well-experienced people like you is always a blessing.


  5. I thought you would like to know you misspelled the word “accross”. Silly mistakes are a pet peeve of mine and they can ruin your website’s credibility. In the past I’ve used a tool like to keep mistakes off my website.

    -Scott Matthews Sr

  6. Where can I source white vinegar for cleaning and laundry. I’m trying to get away from chemicals. Can I just use glacial acetic acid and dilute to 50ml to a liter of water

  7. Regarding Malabar Spinache: I am certain someone must have mentioned that it is very tasty and pleasant as a salad or partial salad additive. I used to eat this regularly in the summer and never noticed a harsh, bitter or too strong flavor. My Rule of Thumb for summer veggies is that “the older the plant…the stronger the flavor” and sometimes the fruits texture.

  8. Hi, I read one of your posts about chico being a good starter. We have a chico tree and we are hoping to make wine from its fruit.Could you give us a guide on how to do it? Thank you

    1. Hello..

      Just follow any standard procedure for wine making in this website (mango wine perhaps). Replace the wine yeast with overripe and nearly rotten chico (in making starter section).


  9. hi. i am charls from bangladesh,i also export, import,i want to know from you how con i connect with you to know about tamarind seeds,and i interested to import tamarind seeds to bangladesh but how con i fine it

  10. am planning to start this project in my country Uganda-Africa i have done reaserch and am good to go, i just want to be part of this forum.

  11. Sa Nata de Coco instructions
    Number 7…
    You say makakagawa ng 1.5 cm thick na nata de coco from 5m deep na solution. Talaga, 5 meters talaga? Ang lalim nun, lagpas tao.
    Alam mo ang writing ay hindi kailangan mahusay sa grammar. Sa mga explainer writing mas mahalaga ang tama at masusing proof reading.
    Salamat po.

  12. Gud day sir,our cooperative planning to planting adlai,pwede po ba kami mahingi ng assistance kung saan namin pwede magbenta ng production namin at kung panu gumawa ng mga finish
    products ng adlai.

    1. Hi, i was trying to contact you. Permission to the blogger in communicating with you.

      Pwede ba makita ang Adlai rice product niyo? Bka makatulong ako in marketing these. Please email Regarding finished product, try ko kung makatulong ako.

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  14. Hello! My name is Bridget Thompson and I am a Production Assistant on The Dr. Oz Show in New York City. We were hoping to use your photos in your entry from May 22, 2012 titled “Bad Encounters With Oil Plus Polystyrene / Styrofoam.” Could you please email me at as soon as possible in regards to this? Thank you!

  15. Hi Marvin

    Tungkol ito sa paggawa ng Calamansi Jelly. Ngayon ko lang po nalaman na kailangan hugasan ang buto ng calamansi at isama ang pinaghugasan sa pagluluto ng jelly. Tama po ba ang pagkakaintindi ko? Anyway po, alin po ba ang tinutukoy nyong “pectin extract” dito sa procedure na ito? Ito na po ba yung pinaghugasan ng buto o another ingredient po ba ito na kailangang bilhin?

    1. Hello! The pectin extract I am referring to is a separate product, usually in powder form. Expect a bit of hard time sourcing, because it is an industrial product. Start asking laboratory chemical suppliers about it.

      As low and easy to source alternative, we are sometimes using seaweed extract in form of Mr. Gulaman. I never know the shelf stability of output though.

  16. hello,
    I’m harold ask Ko lang if gusto nyo mag pa fun run coz I would like to submit our proposal to your good office
    thank you

    1. Good day sir. would like to ask if pwde ba akong magpaggawa ng tablea molder in mass production , bale customized, medyo maliit ng kaunti sa ,yong pinopost.please e mail me so i can give my propose measurement. i really need it. thanks.

      1. Hello! I switched to polycarbonate molds about a year ago. The shape of chocolate bar.

        I think you are referring to round tablet shape tablea that is formed with pulvoron like molder. This process is inefficient and requires a lot of labor.

        If you still want, draw a rough design with measurement on bond paper and bring it to nearby machine shop. Per mold would cost you about 500 to 1000 pesos per piece depending on kind of metal used and craftsmanship.

  17. Hello po, Gusto q lng po sana mgtanong kng may mga supplier kau na alam for Can Sealer at Vacuum Sealer Machine?

    Supplier na din po ng tin cans at vacuum plastic.

    Nais ko po kc sana magsimula ng maliit na business.

    Salamat po sa inyong tulong.

    1. Vacuum sealer? Please try OLX ph. You can find vacuum sealer there for as low as 2,500.

      Can sealer? I think the problem here is not the sealer, its the “can”. They should be purchased in big volume with specific lacquer coating that suits your food commodity. You might find cans in low volumes but their coating is kind unknown to generic.

  18. Hi Sir/ Ma’am,


    We are a christian group which aims to help our church neighborhood as well our church members with regards to medical.

    We will be having a medical mission this coming May 28, 2016 from 8am to 12nn. And we would like to seek your help in pursuing this program. The Medical Mission will be at 32 F. Manalo St., Calzada, Tipas, Taguig City with 100- 150 participants.

    In this regard, we appeal to your kind heart for any donation that you can provide for us to make our projects a success.

    Should you wish to be part of these undertaking, please feel free to contact the undersigned. We look forward to serving more people through your generosity.

    Hoping for your full support on this project.

    Thank you very much and more power to you.

    God Bless,
    Jo-Ann Magtangob

    Women’s Fellowship Team Lead

    CP No. 09175824728

  19. hello sir. may i just know if you conduct food processing trainings or do you know someone who are providing trainings? thank you.

  20. Hi Mr. Marvin,

    Since I discovered your blog not too long ago, I have become a regular visitor. Thank you for selflessly sharing your knowledge and endeavors to the public through your blog.

    May I request permission to add your blog to It is a blog I am in the process of creating dedicated to explaining the science behind Filipino food and cooking in order to promote science and our own native cuisine.

    I am looking forward to one day getting in touch with you and collaborate with you on a food project.

    Wishing you the best in your effort to create bean to bar Filipino chocolate.


    1. Yep. you may do as you like. I wish you to have great success in the near future.

      If you have extra time and budget, I suggest you buy a domain and rent a hosting service. It is about 600 pesos yearly domain fee and another 600 pesos as monthly hosting bill. Not much I think..

      I had bad experience with blogspot before. They delete my whole alt-blog without notice.

    1. Hi,

      I am looking for a wrap around plastic label for 350 ml etc. just like nature spring label. I have water refilling station I want to put my store name into the label, I need to sell by bottle also where can I buy?

      Thank you,

  21. Good morning Marvin,

    I have been hunting the depths of the interwebs for some time now looking for a (Swiss style) cervelat recipe after my family (all Swiss), could not seem to find one for me. This looks the closest I have ever seen. Do you have any details on the origins of the recipe? It seems to have all the key ingredients and lovely, very specific, instructions. I will check back here for your reply or my email. Thank you for this, I will be getting it going this weekend!



  22. Goodevening! I’m from Cavite State University and a Computer Engineering student currently on my thesis.. Automated Small-scaled kaong sugar maker po ang thesis namin and we need infos for its constant procedures.. Ask lang po if paano malalaman kung pwede na istop yung boiling process, and yung granulating process?? Thanks for ur reply Sir!

  23. I’m in Novaliches Quezon City and I am looking for materials for wine.

    1. Cap Seals (shrinking caspules)
    2. Cork or plastic stopper


  24. Hi Sir,

    I saw your article regarding curing salt, would you mind where I can buy this ingredient? And also, the Sodium Phosphate?

    I am planning to make a longganisa and tocino business to help my studies in culinary.

    Thank you.

  25. Hi, Sir Marvin.

    I bake. Do you supply chocolate bars for baking. Honestly, I previously use an international brand, but I want to switch to a local supplier.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. we produce pure cacao blocks in half kilos. you still need to adjust it to your needs however. Properties – fine grind, slightly acidic and winey, strong chocolate flavor and readily melts in hot water. We deliver…

  26. Hi Sir Marvin,

    I’m a 4th year BS Food Technology student at Cavite State University. Currently I’m conducting my thesis and I need contact information about Dr. Teddy Tepora. I’ve tried contacting him many times before but unfortunately, I’m unable to reach him. I really need his processing technologies for dragon fruit jam and jelly. I’m hoping for your reply. Thank You!

    1. Jam na lang ang gawin mo wag na ung jelly. Think about it, jelly is processed without pulp. Saan mo naman dadalhin ung pulp.. Itatapon.. sayang. Jelly should be done for citrus family only.

      Dragon fruit jam. Just mix dragon fruit pulp with equivalent amount of sugar. Then boil until 105 degree C. You may add pectin powder if you have budget and source. Pede din ung Mr. Gulaman kung nagtitipid ka. I can’t help you if you need a literated article. I think any published jam recipe would suffice. Pare-pareho lang naman kasi yan.

      About Dr. Teddy. Best way to reach him is by hunting. Puntahan mo sa office.

      Cavite State University? Saan Un? haha!

      1. Ok po. Thank you so much for your advice. I also think that’s the best way. Wala na din naman po akong choice haha. Salamat po talaga.

  27. We require 24 MM (for 200ML PET) & 46 MM (for 600 ML PET) press-seal bottle caps, 50 pieces each.
    If anybody interested in supplying, please call on 9819939254

  28. Hi Mr. Marvin,

    Good Day!

    Do you know suppliers for sterile sampling bag? used for water sampling analysis?

    Thanks in advance!

  29. enquire lang ako kung meron kayong medicine bottle 500ml capacity wide mouth it’s aplastic bottle for liquid dark color and can i have your numbers

  30. Hi there sir,
    Thanks for posting about the synthetic soy sauce. I wonder saan po makakabili ng union sauce and I.M.P.? Ano po ibig sabihin ng IMP? I want to try making soy sauce. Thanks and God bless.

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  32. Do you have masons mug??? help me to hvea suppluer of deliscious yet affordable silvanas and help me to hve a nice jars packaging thanks,.. Godbless

  33. Hi how much po ung whole sale and retail price ng silvanas per box,,.??? Yung galing nueva ecija po tx me at 09437260969 thanks

  34. pwede po bang malaman kung magkanu price per piece ng glass bottles 8oz and 12oz.pwede po bng makabili ng 50 bottles lng..asap..tnx

  35. Hi, may I have your contact information, landline and cellphone number would be great, just need to inquire if you have any wine bottles available or other 750ml bottles for sale. thanks a bunch ~

    1. please try these:

      Lawrence Fortes
      #23 Road 9 GSIS Hills Talipapa Novaliches Caloocan City, Caloocan City, Metro Manila

      emmanuel manaois

      Lerma Agdagdag

      Panaserve Enterprises
      Dasmarinas, Cavite

      Jan Erik P. Abella
      Talisay City, Cebu

      They are list of possible suppliers.. hope you find one that suits your needs.

      1. Jam in a jar supplier here in cavite. All natural no preservatives added. we accept bulk orders. for all events and wedding giveaways in affordable price.
        Strawberry pinenuts
        banana macadamia
        mango hazelnut
        pineapple cashew
        we also available jam with out nuts..

        Contact no. 09196510444

  36. Hi! Just want to ask if I may have your digit? Just want to inquire about your uncle who’s and egg dealer. Hope you could help me. Thanks a lot! Have a great day! 🙂

    1. Where is your place? Are you looking for supplier or an egg producer (volume / capacity needed if ever). He’s primary source of egg are Cavite and Batangas. I can give you his number instead!

      1. I’m actually looking for a supplier. THat would be great. Here’s my digit: 09174838999. Please feel free to contact me. Thanks! Have a great day! 🙂

      2. I’m actually looking for a supplier. That would be great. Here’s my digit: 09174838999. Can I have your uncle’s digit as well for inquiries? Please feel free to contact me. Thanks! Have a great day! 🙂

  37. hello,

    id like if anyone can help me on how to start selling out my chili salt? its not just an ordinary chili that we use on this and i wanted it out on the market. however i dont really know where to start, also looking for a packaging company to help me out on this…. please email me at thank you po

  38. GDPm po. Paanu po mg order ng Ku chai vegetable. Narinig ko kc na matagal mabuntis. Tapos pinakain daw sya ng Ku chai . Tapos nabuntis na sya. Mgkanu po b un. Tns

  39. greetings!
    we are run mania Philippines promotion company inviting you to be one of our sponsor/partner for our upcoming event. we are looking for your contact details and email address for us to provide to you the exciting features and categories.

  40. am planning to try stevia in my processed fruit juice. have you done some experiments with stvia on processed fruit juices? pls give me some pointers on the use of this sweetener for processed product. i learned there are two kinds, the green and the refined. which of these to use? where can i buy stevia and how much does it cost. thanks.

    1. I recommend the refined cause refining removes bitterness, but you can experiment with both. You can easily find stevia supplier via

  41. Am curious as to how the coconut milk kesong puti turned out?. Is it firm like kesong puti? Does it taste like coconut? Did you like it? Asking before I try it. Also, I have rennet, but want to know where to get the first product you added. Cannot go back to find it…but the penicillin sounding one…:)
    Thanks! Would really like to try it.

  42. I am looking for guyabano capsules/or guyabano capsule manufacturers. I need this for my sister’s maintenance. Can you give me list or contacts as to where I can buy?
    Thanks a lot.


  43. Hi
    I’m looking for panyawan supplier especially for powder and dry steam.Can you give me a some tips for supplier or manufactur
    company in Philippines?Thanks a lot

  44. Good Day Sir Marvin

    Sir im jay carl ubalde an Electronics Engineering students of Technological Institute of the Philippines sir can we interview you sir for our research study. Our study is about humidity sensor for artificial ripening methods, and we need to interview a person with the knowledge about Kalburo sir e. Sir sana po pagbigyan nyo po kami mainterview kayo. sir pwede ko po b mahjingi contact mo po sir or email. may ready question n po kami sir we can send it to your email. sir pwede nyo po ako makontak sa no. ko 09286359115. sana po pagbigyan nyo po kami.
    Salamat po Sir Marvin.
    God Bless po.

  45. Good Day! Sir Marvin,

    I want to ask where can i buy ADLAI PRODUCTS? That you post in your blog in “Uses and Benfits of Adlai Plant / Grass” and here sa “6 Coffee Alternatives” blog mo. PLEASE PLEASE emailed me back Sir Marvin because I’m using it to my thesis this semester.

    Hope for your reply. Thank You! God Bless

    1. Adlai is included in research trust of the Department of Agriculture. Many of the adlai products I saw during the previous exhibits came from them. Please be patient in contacting them including branch agencies.

      I am guessing PhilMech is producing adlai. I saw a bunch of adlai grains there during one of my trips.

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  47. Hi! Congrats on your web page! Has lots of useful information. I saw that you have some seafood processing plant plans and I need to make a renovation on an existing plan I would like to know where do I find more information like this but more specific? Thanks in advance!

  48. sir good mornng ,

    Gusto kong mag tanong kung maganda bang business ang ginger powder at gusto kong mag training may mga lupa akong taniman ng ginger , pls give me information about it at kung ano mga equipments, pls help me im here in UK gusto konang umuwi at mag business.

  49. i have hard looked for energen drink sence leaving the phil, where can i buy it in the u s, or where can i ship it from? thank u

  50. I had my yoyo whisk before and it is very useful to me specially in making puto cheese. However, due to frequent use over years, it has been damaged and i want to purchase again. Where can i buy it? I am residing here in Davao City, Philippines

    1. They are usually available at SM Malls Department store, kitchen section. How about opting for a electric egg beater. If you are using it that often then it is worth the money. You can also try searching and purchasing it online via seller sites like and

      1. I have gone through your processing technology,, and we are interested to learn actual preparation..of veggies into high value
        products..wish we can communicate and we can share this to our farmer members.. thank you..

        Jose Reynaldo Corrales

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  53. Hi, I am currently doing a research about nutrition labels in the Philippines for my graduate studies. I have seen your posts about food label topics here. Sure you have knowledge about food labeling standards in the Philippines. May I ask if there is a certain standard about what should a nutrition/food label should look like? In my review of different local food labels, I have noticed that they do not have same format as with their appearance. I have visited the FDA website to check if there is a regulation/standard on the appearance/format of a nutrition label in the Philippines, but I found none. Thanks.

    1. Nutrition labeling here in the Philippines is optional. It is mandatory in the US, and the format we usually follow is a US format. Looking at US Food Labeling Requirements may help you a lot.

      Design Center of the Philippines, Packaging R&D Center of the Philippines and Philippine Trade Training Center may also help you.

  54. On your recipe for Chinese-style ham, you listed “Maplein” as an ingredient. What is it? Where can it be bought?

  55. good day po, ask ko lang kung saan pwedeng bumili ng salitre or prague powder? meron po ba sa mga department store? tnks!

      1. Good evening , may I know if it is also a requirement in the Philippines to have iodine in prague powder or nitrite salt? thanks

  56. I do have a question about TFS (ECCS) for food cans ;
     Although the Tin Free Steel has strong resistance against corrosion , why it should be lacquered on both sides ?
     If we put the bare TFS (with no lacquer) against model solutions , there will be no attack under sterilization condition but for ETP we will face the corrosion . Also for the lacquered TFS we face failure against model solution . Again the same question ;why TFS should be lacquered?
    (Please note that model solutions are solutions made up of water and organic acid such as acetic acid and salt which together resembling a food product )

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  59. Kindly contact me. I’d like to invite you to see my farm in Tanauan City, Batangas and see what can be done to my produce.
    Looking forward for your email.
    Thank you.

  60. hi! Can we invite you in our school to promote energen this coming july 2013 for our nutrition week celebration. THank you in advance if you accomodate us.

  61. Hi,
    Is it possible for you to teach me the process of solidifying the skinless longganisa. We are actually into selling the same however we cannot perfect yet that process.
    Please leave me note. Thanks so much.

  62. May I request for a sponsorship. Its a family fun run event on June 9, 2013. please call or text me @ 09085268806. thanks!

  63. Good day! This is kind of off topic but I need some help from an established blog.
    Is it very difficult to set up your own blog?
    I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty fast. I’m thinking about making my own but I’m not sure where to start. Do you have any points or suggestions? Many thanks

  64. Hi. may I know where I can purchase guyabano leaves? I plan to buy quite a number because I have to send it over to the US. My father has stage 3b lung cancer and we are resorting to any alternative medicines in parallel to the traditional ones. Hope someone could advice me here. We are so devastated and all we can think of now is to make him live longer. If there is anybody who is kind-hearted, kindly contact my mobile number +639178826444.

  65. Hi,

    I would like to seek assistance from you regarding the formulation of guyabano juice concentrate. We will market this product but we want to get the best formula. I would like to meet you in your office at CSU.

    Please reply.. 09997932258

    Eutemio B. Cabilin
    Businesspeople Inc.

  66. Hi,

    I just recently discovered this site as I research on alternative ways to help aid my dad in his liver cancer.

    I just recently purchased 5 kilos of guyabano leaves as I thought of stacking up on the tea. I am currently air drying them but I have a few questions in mind (that has been probably answered in this thread):

    1.) what is the ratio of the leaves to the water if I wanted to make the tea?

    2.) would it be alright to stack up on the tea sya I make 5 gallon batches?

    3.) can I put the air dried leaves in katcha cloth so i can give it to my dad and he can bring it anywhere?

    4.) how would I know if the leaves are still good?

    I am very thankful for this site as I help aid my dad in this battle.

    God bless and looking forward to your replies.



    1. hello vicente, I hope your dad is succeeding in his fight with cancer..were you able to find the answers to your questions? i would like to find the same answers as my husband is diabetic and needs to take two injections of insulin a day.. i am also wondering where were you able to buy that much guyabano leaves? i hope for your reply.. thanks

  67. we would like to contact you for a possible training on ubi food products particularly ubi cookies. how can we reach you? please reply via my email add.
    many thanks.

  68. drinking boiled guyabano leave (as to make g-tea) would it create hyper acidity? is it still safe to drink boiled g-tea?

  69. Thank you for your initiate which I am searching.
    Please suggest me how can I support your regarding this good initiate. I am from Nepal; you may know ginger production in Nepal. Nepal is the one of the largest ginger production country for your information Nepal produce organic ginger (most hills part where ginger produce, there is no supply of chemical fertilizer and chemical pesticide). The production of the ginger is not managed commercially.
    I am interested to start to manage commercially the production of the ginger around my location so I am seeking support on my this interest on any options such as technical support to reproduce of ginger items, marketing of productions, joint productions or other area where you may suggest.


    Rajendra Bhandari

  70. I have just started drinking ionized / alkaline water. Can I use the 9.5 Ph water to make the G-tea? I am also mid ways through a six week course (once per week) of transutheral chemotherapy for re-curring bladder cancer. I have had five transutheral surgeries (stage 2) over the last 4 years. the chemo was used once after each surgery. It is called mitomycin.

    Can I start the tea now, or must I wait until the chemo is finished? I have been on four medications for about eight years; Zoloft, kolonopin, Lipitor, and Ambien.

    Thank you for any advice you might be able to offer.

    1. Hi!
      My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer last October 2012. Since then, I’ve been looking for possible remedies aside from the normal medication. I researched the net and I found your site interesting. In fact my wife started taking the guyabano tea following your procedure.
      Other herbal remedies also amazed me and I started telling friends about your site and the benefits from them.

      I think it is important that people especially those inflicted with illness like cancer should be aware about these remedies considering the high cost of medication. I thought of putting some of your articles and blog (with due recognition of the source) in my networking site FanBox ( to easily reached out to my friends and the general public. Much better, if you contribute directly by registering to FanBox and I will simply link your blog to my friends.

      Wish you all the best, prosperous and healthy New Year!


  71. Dear Sir Marvin,

    We always read your blogs. Its very informative and useful. Can we send private message to you? If yes, can I get your email address or your cel number please. My boss is very interested on some of your blogs. Hope to receive a feedback from you. Thank you and God bless

  72. hai sir,

    ask q lang po sir dito po aq ngaun sa mariveles bataan, pwd po kayong mka deliver d2 dn mgkano po ung minimum purchase para madeliver lang po,

    this is beth of twenty oaks mariveles bataan please contact at 09328781883

  73. online at a natural place said that i could kill our bed bugs with cababano leaves. but i find no mention of it on your site. can you explain?


    1. I suggest doing a general house cleaning and contact pest control agency. Maybe the referrer is pointing to guyabano and head lice relationship. Guyabano is effective against cancer but not proven in driving bed bugs away.

      In our locality, the term is known as “hanip”. Coming from mostly from chicken houses. It can be eliminated by any weak insecticides.

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  75. Dera sir,

    Gusto ko po sana mag start ng bussiness sa fish crckers, may nakita po ako ingredients dito kaya lng hindi ko mkita, and also can you give me idea kung panu ba start ang business na to? Thank you very much and God bless.


  76. sir tanong ko lng po isa po ako sa member ng lividyne po gusto ko lng malaman kung active pa ba ang akin ksi po di na ako bumibili nyan dahil nakalimutan ko na ang address nyo jan sa manila. gusto ko ulit bumili ng product nyo po uli..

  77. Gud am po! Sir pwede po bang malaman ung product costing (direct and indirect) ng sugar palm sap? thesis po sya dati ng classmate ko sa CVSU Science High School and i am applying it 2 our thesis now –all about distribution of products to the market place. yan po sana ung balak ko na product na i distribute. Business Administration po course ko. I am optimistic for ur quick response. Thank you very much Sir!

  78. Hi
    I just got myself a pack of adlai seeds and did not know what do do with it? could you please tell me if it can be sprouted and grown into a grass and juiced? like wheat grass juice? I cant wait to know. Thanks in advance for your time and reply.

    1. The study about adlai is still ongoing. There are no published information yet regarding cultural practices. As far as I know, it grow from seed and it grow well without human intervention. Limited information is known about the leaves. I let you know asap when the information become available.

  79. Sir,

    Good day..

    Ask ko lang po kung saan po ako pwedeng mag aral tungkol sa ube powder production. Gusto ko po sana magbusiness tungkol dito.
    Mula po sa raw materials, equipment and packaging. Meron po kasi kaming taniman ng ubi.

    Bukod po sa ube meron din po kaming tanim na pinya, guyabano, santol at langka. Gusto ko rin po sanang matutunan kung ano pa po ang pwedeng gawin product mula dito

    Salamat po. Sana po matulungan ninyo ako.

    God Bless po.

  80. i am very interested in ordering this medicine for my mother that has diabetes can you please give me the information in ordering these capsules for my mother thank you and god bless… gary

  81. Hey sir Marvin!

    I was scavenging the internet today for local food recipes for my project proposal, and discovered your blog! But I’m not bothering you for any advice today. I’m just dropping a comment to tell you that your blog is the miracle God sent me today! :))

  82. Good Day po.

    I just want to ask for help. Me and my partner were thinking for our thesis. but we do not have a title yet. but we are thinking about Cacao. Can you give us any suggestion of a thesis problem about cacao. Thank you

    1. Hi Je-ann! First of all, is your thesis for undergrad or Masteral? Kasi if it is for undergrad you should ask first your adviser if he will allow you to take Experimental Method or Descriptive.

      Sa Experimental you can use Cacao sa Pandisal at kung ano ang health benefit ng Cacao sa tao.

  83. Dear Sir Marvin,

    My Santol Ice Cream Experiment was already approved by our Professor as my Thesis Experimental Method, but he asked me to substitute sugar from any sweeteners that is healthy also for elders most especially for Diabetic people.

    A week ago, i have heard over GMA 7 that their is a plant that can be substitute to sugar, but I forgot the name and also I have read here on Foodrecap about Coco/Nipa Sap can be a substitute to sugar.

    Sir Marvin, can I also use Coco/Nipa Sap for my Santol Ice Cream? How can I get the procedure of doing this Coco/Nipa Sap as a sugar. Please help me on this Sir.

    Thank you and more power.

    1. You can use muscovado sugar from sugar cane or the coco/sugar palm/nipa sugar. They all have low Glycemic Index. Hope your Prof allows you to buy the sugar instead of preparing your own. The muscovado is the easiest find.

      Procedures for processing coco sugar can also be found in this site.

      1. Sir Marvin,

        I just need to include the recipe and procedure in processing the Coco Sugar and I also need to buy a finished product to be use for my experiment.

        Can you give me idea on where to buy Coconut palm/nipa Sugar?



  84. Dear Sir or Madam,

    We learn your company name and address from the Internet. We are one of the leading manufactures dealing with fresh fruits and vegetables with more than 10 years experience. We are very glad to know that you are in the line with fresh ginger. We are writing here in hope that could have a chance to establish good relations with you sincerely.
    With good reputation in China, we entirely assure you of high quality products with the most favorable price. Welcome to contact us for further details.
    Awaiting your kind and prompt reply.
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  85. Hej. I did not now when I bought 4 rambutan fruits that you are not supossed to eat the seed in The middle. I ate the first seed of the the first rambutan fruit but I am a litlle worried. After that I red about the fruit and will never eat the seed again. Is the seed dangerous or you have to eat several seads before its dangerous?

    1. It is said that seed coats are poisonous. no recorded seed poisoning cause it is not normally eaten. i am trying to find the lethal amount but cannot find any reference yet. I often accidentally crushed seeds with no observable health effects.

  86. gud am pwede ko b malamn ung number mo? gusto ko kc matuto gumawa nang coconut sugar.. kase i have my own coconut plantation… i’ll just leave my number 091749945three8…

    1. Where is your place? I have several articles about kaong/sugar palm and coconut sugar making and how to harvest good quality sap. Hope those can help you start.
      You need the following:
      1) a good mangangarit – for getting good quality sap.
      2) a hand refractometer – for measuring sap sugar content before boiling, 20Brix is the best but as low as 10Brix is still good
      3) wide cooking vessel / kawa – for boiling the sap, the wider the better.
      4) a candy thermometer – for monitoring the end point of 115 degree centigrade.
      feel free to reach me via text (09155408271) or via email ( or via this contact page. Email is recommended cause I have carrying cellphone.

    2. Ms. Perlita,

      I need your help with regards to Coco Sugar kasi po Im doing my Thesis an Experimental Method my prof told me to use coco sugar instead of using cane sugar coz according to him it is much more healthy.

      Please let me know your place so that I can visit you and have a chat with you regarding the process of doing this coco sugar. Ill send you text message on the number written above.



  87. April 26, 2012


    Tanong ko po pano po gumawa sa bahay ng barquillos na dagdagan ko ng dragon fruit as flavoring? Mahilig kasi anak ko sa mga pagkaing crispy at may shape na pareho sa french fries.

    Thank you,

    1. I have never tried it yet. You may recipe from other blog.
      A recipe []
      A cooking video []
      The process looks very simple. I wish I have that folding metal sheet!

  88. Sir, do you know where we can order shrink wrap? Im from the National Power Corporation and we,re looking for supplier of shrink wrap for the charcoal briquettes.
    Thanks and regards.

  89. April 12, 2012


    Thank you very much for the reply. Ang hirap po kumain sa fastfoods and restaurants kasi me condition nga anak ko. Recommended sa kanya ang GFCF diet. French fries ang isa sa mga kilala niya na pagkain. Kanin, gulay hindi niya gusto.

    Thank you po uli. Pasensiya na sa abala.



  90. April 10, 2012


    Thank you. I forgot to ask you pala kasi me condition ang anak ko. I am placing him on a gluten free diet. Paano po ang paggawa ng french fries using our indigenous crops na gluten-free as well as cooking oil na gluten free? Any suggestion po is very welcome because puro imported ang nakikita kong gluten free food dito. Mahal. Kaya I am turning to our native rootcrops/tubers to make into fries.

    Thank you.
    Pasensiya na po uli sa abala.

    1. As far as I know ay walang gluten ang french fries, unless na i-dip sya sa gravy or ketchup na may flour as ingredient. Gluten can be found in wheat, barley, rye and triticale. It is present in all bread and cake type and all other foods with flour as ingredient. Check the label carefully to see if flour or wheat, barley, rye and triticale are present. Ask restaurants manager if they are using such.

      Other foods in their pure raw form are gluten free , like mango, camote, potato, ampalaya, rice etc…
      Processed foods are doubtful.
      e.g. a gravy or fishball sauce is gluten free if thickened with cornstarch, not if thickened with flour.
      Flour is sometimes used to bind meat products such as corned beef, patties and siomai.
      All kinds of bread, cakes and the likes contain gluten.
      A gluten-free bread is not a real thing. Gluten is a must in bread making.

      Avoiding any kind of processed food might be easier than sorting out gluten free products.

      I am sorry for the late reply!

  91. Hello! We would like to invite you and and all your readers/subscribers to ORGANICS 101: EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO ASK ABOUT CHOOSING, BUYING AND EATING ORGANICALLY-PRODUCED FOOD, a highly informative PUBLIC FORUM with organics expert Mr. Raymund Rubia of AANI, sponsored by the Consumer Rights for Safe Food, on Friday, March 30, 1:00-5:00pm at Miriam College Environmental Studies Institute, Katipunan Avenue, QC. Will appreciate your help in spreading the word on choosing and eating organic. I am hoping you can post it in your blog so your followers can have the chance to attend the forum. If you will allow me, may I have your email so I can send you the jpeg file on this? Or you may also want to check out “Consumer Rights for Safe Food (CRSF)” in Facebook. Thanks you so much po! Respectfully yours, Noemi T

  92. I have a question regarding Lup Cheong. I just made some using a recipe from Singapore. It is all organic with no nitrites or nitrates. They hang it out in 65 F temp in the shade to dry for approx 60-90 days. Is there any concern of it rotting or spoiling. Some people say that the meat becomes an enzyme and works as the preservative, so is this anything that I need to worry about. I replaced about half of the pork with wild duck. In 5-1/2 lbs I used 3/4 cup of sugar, and 1 cup of whiskey.

  93. Hello po! Do you know a place where I can buy chitosan?
    Desperada na ako, I’m asking everybody, I need it for my thesis sana po. 🙁

    1. Chitosan? The fat blocker? Ask Mercury Drug. Or secure a paypal account and buy it online e.g from amazon or ebay.

      You can also ask laboratory supply companies to order it for you.

  94. hi
    to whom it may concern
    I’m an business owner in frog (Rana) farming, and in order to export our products we need your assistance for finding a costumers.
    i appreciate if you could introduce some investors.


  95. Sir, good afternoon.

    Do you happen to know where to buy pancit pancitan or ulasimang bato? Or do you know any alternative for persistent shoulder pain.

    Thank you.


    1. I am personally using ginger. Slice ginger thinly. Roast slightly over flame, about 20 seconds. Dip in eficascent oil. Then apply to painful area. Use a bandage to hold it over time. The ginger soothing effect last up to 6 hours.. This solution is also temporary until you found the source of pain.

      Shoulder pain possible causes: Wrong sleeping position – thick pillow or curved bed. Too much work. The food eaten – unbalance diet or over consumption of animal fats, softdinks and other artificial foods.

      If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

  96. Greetings!

    Sir/ Madam,

    We the ABE United Student Council (ABE-USC) will be having our Intramurals 2011. We are requesting for you and your company’s help to sponsor our Intramurals, by means of product or financial assistance. It would be a great opportunity for your company to market your product during the said event. Our Intramurals 2011 will be on November 28-29, 2011 at RASAC Basketball Court and Multi Purpose Center Located at Alvarez street near Bambang Sta. Cruz Manila.

    Sincerely yours
    Arvin R. Cruz

  97. Thank you:) On-season fruits and vegetables are cheaper and I think sweeter and appropriate for the kind of weather… I want to know more… 🙂

  98. Hi. I’m a new bee keeper from Baguio City and would like to ask help if where I could get bottles (with cap) for honey. Do you have cellphone numbers of the suppliers? Thanks a lot!

  99. PLEASE
    how to remove free faty acid fron vergin coconut oil
    must i add custic sodium to the oil and put this oil on fire ?
    please can you give a practical solution

    1. There is no easy method I think.. This two links might be useful [] []

  100. I am planing to start fruit jelly manufacturing unit at hindupur.(andhrapradesh state). Pl let me know weather you will help in this regard like jelly making formula and training or visit of any running jelly unit at your plce… plz guide me in this regard asap….

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