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  1. hey, ahm i’m Julius, from Philippines, 20 yrs of age, a Fine Arts student. I just want to ask if you have any other info about the coffee rice that is popular during the World War II. If you have, can you please send it to my gmail? i barely need those info for my thesis. i hope you will respond to my message. Thank you.

  2. Good day!

    Helo Sir Marvin!

    Can I get your complete name and the link on the topic Camote Health Benefits, The World’s Healthiest Food
    Posted on February 19, 2011 by marvin . I am writing my masteral thesis and your information will help me in my book. I promise I will give you credit.


    1. The article was based on new but scrapped magazine. I acknowledged the research institution but not the magazine publisher (sorry about that!). It was named Research Digest (with no recognizable publication details).

      Marvin V. Vicedo is my name

      good luck!

  3. Hi food recap,

    I refer to:

    This is my links page. Please send a me link to your blog or website and I will update it. A reciprocal link is expected. Please be guided accordingly!

    You can see your link on my page called “reference” at the moment.Let me know which 1 you prefer.

  4. hello, just a question regarding the procedure of making bubod for tapuy.
    “Mix old powdered bubod (3 g per 100 g rice) and ginger (0.5 g per 100 g rice). You may use crushed dried onwad (?) roots in water enough to make a dough.”
    Is onwad (?) root, the alternate replacement if ginger root is not use?
    Or both ginger and onwad root (grounded) are used in making the bubod patties?
    thank you. please send reply to my email.

  5. You might want to check out my blog. I am just starting out. I am a pinay mom blogger. I like your site. One can learn many things from here.

    1. Maybe you want to consider purchasing your own domain and a hosting plan. Promoting a self-hosted blog using is faster and easier.

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      1. Hi Marvin
        We have added your site at in our Blogroll section.

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        We will be thankful to you.


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