The Boiled Saba Banana

boiled saba banana with a bite

I have been wondering why I can eat two ripe saba banana without feeling anything. On the other hand one boiled and I feel so full. It has something to do with the water and starch content I think. With heat and water, starch in bananas coagulates resulting in increased weight and firmer texture. That’s probably the reason why boiled banana is heavier in tummy.

boiled saba banana with a bite

I think I experimented with it before. Oh! here it is. Boiled Saba Banan Can Make You Fuller.

Note: there are two banana types. The boiling and eating banana. The latter significantly lacks starch. The result after boiling is a saggy unappealing meal.

Why boil banana if it can be eaten as ripe, uncooked? For nutritional reasons. Both fruit and skin contains nutrients. Water with heat extracts them both. Then we eat the fruit and throw away the peel and water. Ridiculous. We spent time, effort and energy extracting nutrients only to throw them away.

To extend shelf life somehow. Banana is a climacteric fruit. It will continue to ripen after harvest. The closer it gets to full ripe the closer the spoilage is. Cooking it at a right timing may extend keeping life to one day at room temperature and several days in a chiller.

Boiling raw saba banana is not a good idea. What you gonna ate is though and awful snack. Not to mention peeling them off is hard. Banana will ripen one way or the other. It is better wait than be sorry.

Fit few for many. The first paragraph explained it already.


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