Camote With Grown Shoots

comote with sprouts

I bought this piece of camote for my simple experiments but have left it alone on top of fridge for several weeks. I got several out of town duties to attend to. I am very sorry little one.

Few days ago, I noticed several shoots sprouted and began growing. Based from what I have seen on youtube, its relative, the potato need to be half-soaked in water to achieved such feat. Growing far above ground in a low humidity room.

comote with sprouts

Okay I got it. It is self supporting at the moment. Sweet potato is a fleshy root. Has high water and nutrient reserved to support its own growth until depleted. It will continue if placed in a suitable environment. A nutrient rich soil with right amount of moisture.

Don’t get the wrong idea here. Although new plants can be grown using sweet camote, it is not recommended. It is very costly. It can be cheaply and easily propagated using stem cuttings.

Mom was going to boil some newly bought sweet potato and I ask her to include the one with grown shoot. She replied “No, It doesn’t taste good”.

Ohh! How could I forgot? The same idea is applied to purple yam (ube). Harvesting the root crop when shoots are emerging is forbidden. It is for the sole reason of tuber becoming though and not saleable. Nothing else I remember.

Well, I found the real reason when I dug deeper into cacao processing. During cocoa bean sorting process, all beans with little sprout are discarded. They explained. When the radicle starts growing, it eats up the cotyledon nutrient reserves. It reduces flavor precursors which are necessary during roasting and subsequent processes.

The same is happening for purple yam and sweet potato. When new plants start growing, they eat up nutrients altering original desired flavor. The toughness effect I mentioned above is result of cell moisture loss.



  • Hi Marvin, got your reply about the powder to use for easier dissolving of powdered malunggay seeds. Where can it be bought?Thanks.
    I just read this post and learned from you that sprouted tubers no longer taste as good. I still use them though and just cut the shoots off. Or I plant them, depending on whether I have the chance.
    I want to ask you if you think purple-leafed or bright green-leafed kamote are edible. They are only used here as ornamental plants.
    Can the leaves and tubers be eaten, just like the kamote plant that we know as kamote (sweet potato) but are actually “yams”? Thanks again for your input. Regards to Irma.

    • Try the egg white first or the milk powder. If the mixture suspends well in hot water then it is feasible. This trick works well with tabliya. The preparation of pure hot chocolate has solids settling to bottom. However, adding milk prevents it. The Mr. Gulaman powder and commercial pectin powder also works well.

      Do you have a picture of that camote?

      When will you visiting Philippines again? Maybe our place is ready for visit by that time.

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