Mickey Mouse / Nipple Plant

What do you call that plant? I asked. Beside the patio are several plants which resembles an overgrown eggplant stems. Twice taller than me I think. I can’t remember how the leaves looked like. Maybe I was not that interested. What caught my attention were the yellow fruits. They are odd looking. If it is the first time you see such. You’ll surely say what I said. Something similar if not exact.

mickey mouse plant

They call it Mickey Mouse plant. Yeah. If you look closely. The bigger part portrays the character’s head and the two protrusions are ears. Please just paint it inside your head. Picking fruits and flowers is prohibited in this place. I never had enough courage to disobey.

Let your mind be twisted for a moment and rethink. The two little protrusions are somewhat close to human nipple and the rest is like cows udder. That is why the fruit is commonly called nipple fruit and cows udder. Others call it fox head and apple of Sodom. Not sure how the two latter names were coined. Fox head is not like this from what I remember. Apple shape is too far either.

The plant has the scientific name of Solanum mammosum. I saw a picture from wiki. The leaves and flowers are similar to eggplant too. However, don’t be mistaken! It is poisonous to some extent. People grow it as ornamental plant and for its external medicinal applications.

Though it is good looking and attracts attention, I cannot recommend it as garden plant. Toddlers and children might mistaken it as edible fruit. It is color yellow, like tiesa fruit.

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