The 2012 Menu Guide Calendar for Filipinos

At last, the Food and Nutrition Research Institute updated their menu guide calendars. They now have “The 2012 Menu Guide Calendar“. The institute released menu calendars on years 2007, 2008 and 2009. No release on year 2010 and 2011. I felt a little depressed and thought they stopped it forever.

I saw the new calendar yesterday. I never know when it was uploaded.

This release includes:

Short introduction. Three pages before the actual content is indeed short.

Recipes of Philippine indigenous vegetables. The nutritious and affordable veggies.  Each recipe has corresponding amount of nutrients. I wish I could also conduct analysis of every recipe.

Twelve – week long menu guides. From Sunday to Saturday, including breakfast, am snack, lunch, pm snack and dinner. I hope they make a separate guide for grave-yard shift worker?

The actual 2012 and 2013 calendar. The latter was a one page concise version.

Several articles about healthy eating.

The healthy recipes are:

Kulitis Pasta. Macaroni galore with a healthy twist of kulitis leaves, spongy button mushrooms and distinct zesty whiff of red bell peppers all coated in thick milky sauce showered with grated cheese.

Upo Delight. An unlikely dessert idea but once you indulge in the contrasting taste and texture of grated upo and the nuttiness of cashew and peanuts in rich creamy butter, milk and vanilla, you’ll take a second serving of this threat.

Enseladang Katuray. An authentic ethnic appetizer featuring katuray flowers and ripe mango cubes blended with tomatoes, bagoong isda and vinegar that will surely stimulate your taste buds.

Squash Icy with Kadyos. Bring back one of the well-loved treats of good old summer days with the ice candy that’s filled with cool healthy goodness of squash and kadyos enriched by the full-bodied flavor of cassava flour and creaminess of milk laced with the universal appeal of vanilla.

Alukon-Patani Gisado. A mouth-watering appetizing mix-match of the unique alukon texture and crunchy patani contrasted by red crispy tomatoes and succulent eggplant with chewy pork kasim.

Talinum-Cucumber-Fruity Salad. Chill out with this one of a kind concoction of zesty talinum leaves, succulent cucumber and refreshing mango splashed with gentle sourness of cane vinegar and the raw sweetness of brown sugar sprinkled with salt and pepper.

Lumpiang labong. Classic crunchy Lumpiang Labong enriched with the nutritious goodness of labong and squash interspersed in refreshing crisp singkamas strips, protein-packed ground kasim and suahe shrimps with a tinge of spring onions waiting plunge in traditional spiced-up vinegar dip.

Creamy Fern Soup. Nothing compares to a hot chicken soup for the weary mind and body especially if fresh ferns are tossed in a rich creamy broth absorbed by soft potato cubes.

Beefy Sigarilyas. Relish the pungent aroma and tenderness of beef strips perfectly coupled with munchy sigarilyas and hints of green onions and garlic in mild sweet sauce.

Be Cool Express. One really has to be cool enough to take on this combo of hot chilli peppers, nibbly sigarilyas and sitaw drenched-dried on creamy coconut milk with a tinge of alamang and gracious serving of juicy pork liempo.

Stir-Fried Chicken with Kulitis. Chicken fillet that’s crisp outside but tender inside serenaded by the generous symphony of kulitis, basil, bell pepper and ginger orchestrated by the allusion of oyster sauce.

Alukon sa Maki. As a snack or main dish, maki with alukon and myriad of unlikely mainstays such as cucumber, mango, and crabstick with the assimilation of Japanese nori sheet and wasabi, will undoubtedly revolutionize your perspective on rice dishes.

All recipe descriptions and the whole menu guide calendar are courtesy of FNRI.

Download the whole PDF document here. Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar application is needed to read and print the file.

2 Replies to “The 2012 Menu Guide Calendar for Filipinos”

  1. Hi there! Thanks for the menu calendar!Your site is so interesting, helpful & educational as well. Do you know where I can get a hard copy of this?I would like it to be part of my recipe collection.I’ll try to make those recipes. Thanks again & more power!

    1. I am very sorry! No hard copies available.
      Wide format printers, like tarpaulin printers, are also accepting this kind of print job. Hope there is one near your area.

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