The 28 Calamansi Everyday – Cleansing Diet ?

She came home one day with a  kilo of calamansi. She said it is good for the health. I know this very well, taking calamansi juice everyday is good for the health. A good source of Vitamin C. However she was not after taking calamansi juice. She was very interested about the technique of taking it, “The 28 Calamansi Everyday”. She said it is a cleansing diet.

Here is the trick. Pure calamansi extract should be taken every morning one hour before meal. Other food should not be taken before it and within the one hour period. Pure calamansi is sour and astringent (mapakla). Twenty eight pieces a day might be too much so 28 pieces for the first day is not expected. Take two on the first day, four on the next day, then eight… until the 28 pieces cap is reached.

I forgot to ask how long she has been doing this. She said that effects are good. She can poo with ease and her frequent headache are gone.


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  1. Hello po matagal n po ako umiinom ng 28 calamnsi every morning ,,dapat po ba forever ng iinom nito? Hindi po b masosobrahan ang system ko dito sa calamnsi? Napansin ko po ,,mga itim n tumutubo sa hair ko kasi po dati maraming puti buhok,salama po sa pagsagot sa mga tanong ko,,

  2. ako gumagamit din ng pure calamansi juice every morning 8 pcs yong pinipiga, kon din effective talaga kasi bumaba ang blood sugar ko. nagpapasalamat ako na meron palang juice na magpababa ng blood sugar.

  3. ako mga tatlong linggo na umiinom ng pure calamansi juice very effective kasi bumaba na kahit konti ang blood sugar ko. sa morning lang ako umiinom 8 pcs lang yong pinipiga ko but everyday ako umiinom.

  4. 6weeks na po akong umiinom ng 28pcs pure calamansi juice every morning maliban Sunday kasi walang work. Ginagawa ko po to 1st thing in the morning as in empty stomach po… Hindi po ako umiinom ng tubig o kumakain kung hindi pa lagpas 1hour. Ngayon po ang tanong ko hindi po ba masama na ituloy tuloy ko nalang? Iniisip ko kasi baka ma overdose ako? 🙂 nakaka addict kase pag Hindi ako naka inom feeling ko ang tamlay ko hahaha tnx

  5. Hello. I really find your article very interesting and helpful.I am 8 weeks pregnant at this moment and I am experiencing some common symptons such as morning sickness, vomiting, hyperacidity and nausea. Is it recommendable for me to take this? I believe that Vit C is very important to pregnant women however I am concern that taking calamansi juice in the morning during pregnancy might worsen my hyperacidity. Please enlighten me. Thank you.

    1. Pure lang po. Walng ilalagay kahit ano no water nor sugar. kasi nakaka acidic po kapag nilagyan ng water or sugar.

    1. For pimples, effective ang calamansi. Un nga lng mhapdi. Effective din ang calamnsi sa pagtanggal ng blackheads. Pro kng gmagamit k ng calamnsi eh wag k ng mgsbon pra tlgang tanggal and substances n niiwan ng khit n anung sbon.

      Or, kamatis! Very effective din at the same time di mhapdi. Same as the clamansi. Wag k ng mgsbon pra tlgang wlang chemicals n nkkpsok sa facial skin mo n nkktanda.

  6. Ginagawa ko pong coffe ang calamansi, 5 pcs in 1 glass. 2 weeks na po ako gumagamit nito. Na notice ko po na nawala yung pamamanhid ng half body ko(right side) I think it was pasma. Secondly, nawala din yung palaging pananakit ng ulo ko. Nakakaabala po sa trabaho yung palaging pagsakit ng ulo ko. Subrang thankful po ako na na try ko to. Subrang nakaka addick po promise. Try nyu din po.

  7. Hi, me and my wife had been doing this for quite a while. I just want to ask, maybe anyone have an idea if I can stock pure calamansi juice on the fridge so it is ready for drinking, thank you!

    1. Yes you can stock calamansi juice in your ref. Do not wash it with water unless you use it. Store in a plastic or bottle container with tight closed cover. It wont spoil or rotten your calamansi even if you use it for long time.

  8. I am drinking calamansi juice (squeezed calamansi with water) as if I am drinking it as pure water. I have to drink 6-8 glasses a day. Each glass, I put 8-10 calamansi juice. Great effects for me!

    1. Calamansi is alkaline (which is good) if you take it pure. It only becomes acidic when you mix it with water and sugar.

      Also, calamansi is a good source of Vitamin C which is a great antioxidant, a great immune system booster, a great wound healer and a great toxin cleaner..

    1. Calamansi juice is very effective removal for pimples/acne and scars. Been doing this for almost 1 month and indeed I achieved already a pinkish skin without any chemicals on it, only natural.

  9. To answer all misconceptions:


    Any Citrus fruits, like Calamansi, have an acid pH before they are consumed and but can leave an alkaline residue in the body after they have been metabolized.

    I know people with ulcers who drinks pure calamansi every morning with amazing result. They were cured!

    So calamansi with water or pure makes no difference at all since it is automatically converted to alkaline by our body; my fav combo: calamansi honey in salabat/ginger tea

    Study shows calamansi is twice or more nutritional than lemons or oranges as per Vit.C, etc.. With regard to quantity, it doesn’t matter, as long as you are consuming this magical fruit everyday it is ok & good for the health, I don’t see any side effects, so whenever you can just consume them no matter how many you have but grabfull is better.

    Try calamansi honey ginger tea 😉

    1. D po ba makakasama s kidney.. kc pg nasobrahan dw po vutaminc ang na consume everyday nkaka damage dw po ng kidney tnx po s pgsagot

  10. I’m drinking calamansi juice everyday, 15 in the morning and 15 in the evening with a little water. I would like also to try pure 28 calamansi juice but i find the taste so strong , maybe sometimes :).

    I noticed myself lose weight and people notice it too. I also noticed my skin improving and they say that I am blooming. I’m also drinking malunggay juice, maybe thrice a week. I notice my migraine gone. I feel stronger and more beautiful 🙂

    1. First thing in the morning on December 1, I took my blood sugar reading: 126, then drank 10 calamansi juice (no water), after and hour; I took my blood sugar reading: 91

  11. It is alkaline when taking it purely.freshly squeezed do not add water or sugar if so it’ll become this on different’s also used by the famous bo sanchez he’s not sick eversince he started taking 28 pure calamansi everyday.

    1. Any Citrus fruits, like Calamansi, have an acid pH before they are consumed and but can leave an alkaline residue in the body after they have been metabolized.

      I know people with ulcers who drinks pure calamansi every morning with amazing result. They were cured!

      So calamansi with water or pure makes no difference at all since it is automatically converted to alkaline by our body; my fav combo: calamansi honey in salabat/ginger tea 🙂

      1. opo Acidic ang clamansi pero pag na tunawan ka na at kumalat na sa katawan, maging Basic na siya na mag-neutralize sa acidity ng katawan.

    1. It is a misconception to think that calamansi would contribute to your ‘acidity’. All citrus fruits have acid pH but once absored by the body it is automatically converted to alkaline w/c is good for us. It has no side effects but if I may, I would suggest the very first thing you must do in the morning is drinking a glass of water first, then the calamansi tea after. If you will search online, drinking water first in the morning is essential.

  12. thanks for the info. magttry sana ako ng master cleanse kaso mahal ung lemon at maple syrup naghahanap ako ng alternative. gusto ko sana mag lose ng weight . mukhang effective naman to e

  13. hi! my husband is diabetic and highblood, he has a lot complication already. how this calamansi juice would help him. He suffer a glaucoma before he loose his one eye sight. And his criatinen is more than double or more than the normal range.
    Even neuropathy he has and e cannot move his foot sometimes. I hope he can go back no normal.

  14. I try this also but this is what I do

    Monday – 4 pcs
    Tuesday – 8 pcs
    Wednesday – 12 pcs
    Thursday – 16 pcs
    Friday – 20 pcs
    Saturday – 24 pcs

    then repeat again next week

  15. this is true.. u can also try drinking calamansi water (no sugar) slice 1 or 2 pcs. calamanse then mix it with one glass of water. drink it early in the morning. then after every meal.

  16. How long will i take pure calamansi extract? Is it ok if i take it before dinner? One hour before dinner… No meal fr 4pm to 6pm…

  17. Hi…i work as a callcenter rep and work on the evening..i was just u think its ok to do it in the evening after i wake up..since my breakfast is normally ur dinner? Will it have the same effect?

  18. Hi! i was diagnose with acute hepa b, i need to increase my immune system, does calamansi cleansing diet will help me? Thanks and God Bless. ☺

  19. years ago, i suffered from joint pain in my left shoulder after i forced to carry with one hand a car battery. that did not go for a year but it was gone when i noticed that it slowly improved after i drank a calamansi juice (mine with sugar) before breakfast in the morning and before bed at night… noticing the improvement, i continued taking calamansi juice and the joint pain was gone after a month. i hope this helps…

  20. I have tried it with water and i have noticed that the effects are the same. Everytime i drink water, i squeeze in 1 calamansi. I do it around 5 times a day.

  21. its my first day taking 10pcs of calamansi muna.. mataas kasi cholesterol ko 289.12.. sabi nila mabisa daw to … bukas 15 naman pcs naman .. God bless ..

  22. Ok po ba ang calamansi cleanse habang nag-ca-candida diet? May nabasa po kc aqng isang comment n nwala ung yeast infection (candidiasis) niya. .please help T_T. .thanks!

  23. Ok po ba ang calamansi habang nag-ca-candida diet? May nabasa po aqng isang comment n nwala ung yeast infection niya. .thanks!!

  24. Hi, I have hepatic cysts. I feel pain on my liver area. Is lemon good for hepatic cyst? Will the cyst shrink? Ive been drinking for a week. I hope the pain will be gone. Pls enlighten me. thanks

  25. My mom is into this diet i think for about a yaer now, and I just started this morning. I’m really curious about how she felt stronger and had pinkier skin after learning and doing this diet. I’m trying to lose weight and like to prove if this really works! But as early as now, I felt a bit pain while urinating, so I guess I have stones that calamansi was trying to get rid of! I’m definitely continuing this! 😀

  26. I just want to ask if normal ba to have greesy something in stool?i ‘ve been drinking 20pcs calamansi for a week.and naobserve ko it normal?thanks

    1. Puede!
      Pls see:
      Though it may not be as drastic as what the man in the video does. You can take regular doses of pure Lemon on a maintainace basis since you need to constantly maintain your urinary CITRATE level, the stone inhibitor. Remember, kidney stone problem is a lifetime problem.

      Additional tip: use light Lemongrass Tea for your water therapy needs. Lemongrass contains citrates as well plus some anti-cancer properties.

  27. what is the process of drinking calamansi juice ? 28 pcs po ba agad ang iinumin ? or sa first day of drinking it 2pcs muna ? reply please . thanks in advance .

  28. Try this tip… Its my first day.. grabe iba pakiramdam… konting carb lang eh busog na ko agad wala ng gana. sa una mahapdi sa sikmura pero nawawala din…. talagang 28pcs lang ba or pwedeng more than 28pcs 🙂 and everymorning lang po ba talaga????

  29. I’ve been drinking calamansi juice for almost 5months now.Due to the advice of my mom and aunt that it will help me lessen my weight.Every morning I squeezed it over a warm water and drink it.and hey it really works no matter how many cup of rice i eat i don’t worry at all because this secret of mine really works.and my skin becomes more fresh And it becomes more fairer with a youthful glow they even ask me if i use glutha

  30. sir pag iinumin mo ba ng my tubig un calamansi masam po ba? di ba po sabi nyo pag nahalo na sa tubig it become pag ininum mo na my tubig acidic na sya….my posibility ba ito na na nararamdaman ko na my prang maanghang sa right back side ng likod ko or dku alam kung mdyo sa taas ng konti….thanks for the reply and concern

  31. nag megadose din po ako ng calamansi bale 24 pieces lang every morning, at nag lalagay din po ako ng 2 teaspoon pure honey, pede po ba un?..thanks and more power

      1. sir can is ask if calamansi can help to reduce my blood acid because i have a acid in my blood its affect my kidney now
        but calamansi make me stronger 1 pieces of calamansi 2 times a day with water how do will helpful?

  32. My daughter and I started drinking pure calamansi juice this morning. At last I was able to start it because I read and heard about the 28 pcs of calamansi and still wasn’t able to do it before. The advice was to drink four pieces for the first day and add another four pieces the second day and so on, until you reached the seventh day of 28 pieces

    1. Hi! a nurse friend told me that the only time calamansi extract will become acid is if water and sugar will be added into it.

  33. what if i want to take 28 to 30 pcs of calamnsi and it takes 5mins for me to drink it. due to the preparation by cutting and squeezing it, it will became acidic already? one of my friend told me that 3 mins onwards calamsi will becme acidic already? how sure it is? need help please.thank you and God bless

    1. Nope! Don’t mix the juice with water,so that it will not become acidic.Just take it or drink its pure extract. Pure calamansi juice is alkaline like buko juice.

    1. Study shows that Calamansi is twice or more nutiritional than lemons or oranges..

      It doesn’t really matter if you are consuming 2, 5, 28, etc; as long as you are consuming this magical fruit everyday you are in a very safe zone as per health issue, I just buy a bunch in supermarket or whenever I can I just pick some from a tree then juice them with honey then in ginger tea.

  34. hi ive tried this for one month, however after 1 month ive experienced urinating some spot of blood in my urine and i got high fever. i dont know if this was the toxic inside my body getting out or the effect of detox due to drinking calamansi.
    Can you advise if i should continue drinking calamansi? Please help. thanks.

    1. If you had pain on urination with blood streaked urine, chills and fever and pain on the side you probably had Acute Pyelonephritis, an upper urinary tract infection. This may also be related to passing out of “occult stone” from your kidney ( “occult” because small stone passages can occur with attendant flank pains and dysuria but difficult to see actual stone as they pass out because they disintegrate in the process).

      Your doctor would have done urinalysis and give you antibiotics and some pain reliever. Recurrent UTI’s would warrant more exams like Ultrasound study of the urinary track for abnormalities like presence of kidney stones which may appear as sandy materials inside the collecting system of the kidneys.

      Calamansi “shots” can help prevent kidney stone formation because of the abundant citrate contents (Citrus family).

  35. paano nga po pala di po ako nakain ng breakfast? minsan po coffe lang bago ako papasok sa work minsan wala talaga. Ang kain ko lang kasi lunch po… pwed po ba prior lunch ko gawin? or morning lang po talaga? appreciate your immediate answer.

  36. I would recommend it to everyone to try Pure Calamansi Jiuce…

    Right after you wake-up before you eat anything (must be taken with empty stomach)

    Here’s what to do;
    1. Make sure you buy the unripe(dark green color) calamansi.
    2. Get 28 calamansi then give it a good wash with clean water.
    3. Slice the Clamansi then squeeze it in a glass or bowl with the pips/seeds in.
    4. Stir it
    5. Remove the seeds using fork (in order to avoid removing the pulp as well which is also very beneficial)
    6. Drink it with an empty stomach, 1 hour before breakfast.

    Trust me, i had been having a very bad problem with my hair fall for the past 5 years. I went to the doctors several times, took the medicine, undergo hair treatment, it works for a few weeks but after a while my hair fall comes back again… and again… and again…It’s like a never ending cycle and trust me, going to have your hair fall treated isn’t cheap at all! And it doesn’t work so well. It was completely a waste of money!

    Then, a friend of mine introduced the Pure Calamansi Juice…
    It took me awhile to try it coz I was a bit apprehensive because i was thinking about the taste and i know it would be horrible. But one day, i went to the supermarket. Then, i saw a bunch of calamansi so i decided to give it a try and bought about 2kg… The next day, i started taking it. I was surprised because the taste wasn’t as bad as i was thinking and after a while you’ll get used to it. So, I did it everday (still doing it until now). After nearly 2 weeks of taking it, my hair fall has amazingly drop… My husband was wondering and in shock that he couldn’t see hairs on the floor anymore. Our shower room has now a less hair on the floor. I am talking about a hair that would cover enough the drain(not sure the term) of the shower room everytime i finished my shower. As in, it was really scary. I thought i would get bald later on… Now, i have a less hair fall. Maybe the most is less than 10 strands a day and i feel very active and also my UTI has gone. I had been having a problem with yeast infection as well but eversince i am drinking this pure calamansi juice i am cleared with this yeast infection. I will continue doing it as long as there’s still Calamansi available in the market. There is no maximum time of taking Clamansi… But if you want the best result, do it at least for a year or two… But for me, i will continue taking it… It is fresh and pure!

  37. this is my 2nd month with calamansi cleansing, im taking around 28 to 32 pcs everyday with empty stomach 1hr before b-fast. im super addicted to it! amazing para sakin kc it energizes me the whole day. wala yung feeling na sobrang pagod kahit na konti lang sleep ko kababantay ng baby ko. and whats great is that it aids my constipation. promise! no meds has given me this very good result. im able to poop now every other two days, not like before na super chronic ang constipation ko since childhood. i remebered not going to the comfort room for 7days. constipation was the biggest prob i had. but thanks to calamansi, it work wonders! at sobrang dami pang benefits aside from these. it also cleanses the kidney, the 1st month i used it napapansin ko yung different odor coming from my urine. i guess its the cleansing done by calamansi. and i noticed today, it was gone. i feel so fine. dati kc kahit iinom lng ako ng konting “coke” sumasakit na yung tagiliran ko, but today i dont feel that anymore. i hope it will do the same sa inyo na may katulad ko na health issues. thanks calamnsi!! 🙂

      1. I remembered before, my mom’s doctor also suggested the same thing. Drink PURE calamansi juice 1 hr every morning and told her that it should not take more than 3 mins for the preparation because it will definitely becomes acidic. I wasn’t able to ask her if the calamansi juice worked for her or if it were the meds. But because of these testimonies, i think i’ll be trying this by tomorrow. I’m also suffering from constipation, and i hate it! I hope it will also work on me like how it did well on you 🙂

  38. One of my friend from Navy, who is also on a Medical team said that, once the pure calamansi juice added a Sugar, Water or Salt, it will automatically make a chemical reaction and it will became acidic already. Ako kasi kaya i took pure calamansi Juice because i was acidic. After my 10days (of 10,20,30,40 50 then 50,40,30,20 and 10pcs) nawala pagiging acidic ko and i can’t eat more carbs. madali ako nabubusog. Share ko lang po ito ah. Sa gustong mag try, try nyo lang po, though wala talagang direct medical instruction from the Doctors, pero effective sakin. i am med 30’s of age, male.

  39. ita-try ko din to..right now nagtatake ako ng potassium citrate.. So sasabayan ko sya ng calamansi juice.. Sana mawala na din yung masakit sa gilid ko..:) with the help of God na rin.. Amen. Amen.

  40. yung uncle ko na may heart prob.. Di sya makasakay ng barko.. Then nagcalamans juice raw sya every morning.. Di nagtagal nakasakay na sya ng barko..:) then nawala yung mga sakit sakit nya pa na iba..

  41. dan: It should be Pure Calamansi. you must take it before having your morning meal. About sa panunaw ng bato, i’m not pretty sure, but i think it will help kasi its 100% Vit C

  42. Sir anu pagkakaiba nun iinumin mo na pure compared dun sa my halo tubig? pareho din ba health benefits makukuha mo? pwede po ba ito pantunaw ng stones mga sir,DOC? thanks in advance

  43. Hi! I’m on my 2nd week of doing this morning drink. so far, so good… but i’m quite apprehensive, is there any known side effects in doing this long term? tried to check the net for possible side effects cited but haven’t found anything.. please enlighten me.

    thanks in advance.

  44. hi..
    sometimes if pure calamansi lang… it can cause me to vomit everything.. due to the taste. but surely, i’ll try this asap… for hw many weeks is d effect?
    hoping to not regurgitate bcause of the taste..

    1. maybe that’s the reason why they suggest to do it little by little, try 2 calamansi for the first day, then 3..4… so on and so forth.. Just like exercising. You can’t do the whole thing for the first try 🙂

  45. this is my 3rd month of Bo SAnchez’s MOrning Power Drink. Works well with me. I am addicted to it. My cheeks and lips are pinkier now. No major changes yet but i know, it is coming

  46. I have to start my calamansi diet tomorrow. I’ll give you feed back after 3weeks if it is effective and what are the benefits would i get.

  47. Calamansi like all CITRUS fruits has lots of citrates. Citrates are needed in the urine as natural stone inhibitors. Urinary citrates alkalinizes urine preventing aggregation of stones crystals in the urine (our urine is a crystal solution).

    Taking regular morning dose of pure calamansi extract in a shot glass 30 minutes to one our before breakfast on an empty stomach is a good way of supplementing our citrate level and preventing stone. I call it “CALAMANSI SHOT”. We also get natural vitamins ADEC + fibers, help the farmers and aid in our detox. If you are taking Potassium Citrate tablets for your kidney stones as prescribed by your Urologist/Nephrologist, this will be a good supplement and may even be used as substitute in the long term treatment as preventive maintenance. Proper hydration therapy should not be put aside however.

    1. thanks for this doc. by the way, is it advisable to have this morning drink long term? are there known side effects?

      hope to hear from you.

      1. Stone management with citrates is a lifetime process since we need to eat and the food we eat are the main source of stone forming materials. Therefore long term water therapy plus citrate therapy with calamansi shots is advised. Also try Lemongrass tea for your water therapy needs. Lemongrass (Tanglad) altough not a citrus family contains citrates giving it the lemony flavor. Light green tea from Lemongrass can provide you with the much needed water therapy which is also laced with citrates. Moreover, Lemongrass has antioxidant effect and has apoptotic effect on cancer cells, it kills cancer cells in the body but leaves the normal cells alone.

  48. It’s pure calamansi po, if you combine it with water it will be acidic. pero pag pure it’s natural.. this technique came from Mr. Bo Sanches of 52 Healing Habits.

    1. It is a misconception to think that adding water makes the calamansi acidic as calamansi has acid pH already to start with.. Adding them to water makes them alkaline water, so pure calamansi or with water once absorbed by our body it automatically becomes alkaline. I’m just correcting the misconception because we are dealing with science & health here. Bo Sanchez should correct this misconception too since many audience are believing in him. But either way it’s a matter of your choice whether add a water or not in that juice, as long as you are consuming it it’s A-ok, but remember that the very rule should be – upon waking up – a glass of water is healthier, then after, have your juice in warm water for the stomach to adjust.

      I juice in the morning and also have them before bedtime. Pls remember that every after liquids you should drink water amounting to how much glass have taken but no time specifics as to how you ahould finish up the follow-up water, this is just to assure the body of the 8 glasses of water a day rule.

      Hope my insights are welcome ~ science is always there to do good, but backing it up with knowledge makes it better. 🙂

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