From 45 to 35 Days…

The more reason to engaged in poultry farming. The money making scheme has been significantly reduced by 10 days. You get one extra growing season for every third cycle.

This was a result of technological advancement. New growth hormones, more efficient feed formula, more antibiotics and medicines are force down to chicken organs. Less chicken exercise and less time for synthetic chemical withdrawal.

A little review. Broiler chickens are raised inside congested growing houses and provided with unlimited feeds. Eating whenever they want, plus restricted movements help the chicken fast growth. Running around, flying and jumping burns so much energy and waste a lot of feed resource. Growers never want this happening.

Afraid? You only feel afraid for a moment but actually not. You are still eating inside your favorite fast food restaurant and taking home roasted chicken. Seeing how the trend goes, this merchants are using 35 days old broiler chickens.

Have you heard about chicken allergy?

This was the second time I heard the same exact story from two different persons.

She never ate chicken simply because she was allergic to it. Then his friend told her that she might be allergic only to broilers. She tried the traditionally grown native and her allergy symptoms never manifested.

So it was not the chicken causing her allergy. Instead, the various synthetics fed to it.

Having hard time finding native chicken for his own consumption, she started her own native chicken farm.

Perhaps the same goes with pork. If including it in regular meal is causing you problems such as high blood pressure, increase creatinine and gout attacks. Switching to native pigs might alleviate those problems. Consuming too much will still be harmful of course.

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