List of 3-MCPD Free Soy Sauce Brands

Some soy sauce might have 3-MCPD! The condiment is made by fermentation of soya. Then it is sold as concentrate or ready to use products. However, there is a faster and more economical way of production, the acid hydrolysis of protein. The process is carried out by mixing soya with hydrochloric acid and heating afterwards. This produces flavors and appears similar to naturally fermented version. Then the fat content of veggies reacts with HCl to form the carcinogenic 3-MCPD.

The natural process, fermentation of soya beans never produces 3-MCPD.

The Philippine Food and Drug Administration warned the public against the unlabeled and unregistered soy sauce brands. They might contain 3-MCPD. The substance was found to cause cancer in animal experiments. The same effect is expected to happen to human beings.

To assure public safety, the agency have been testing commercially available soy sauce brands. Here are the partial list of 3-MCPD free brands. Listing courtesy of DOH.

Dens Food Products – New Beans Soy Sauce

Nutri Asia Inc. – Datu Puti

Pinakamasarap Corporation – Marca Piña, Toyomansi, Marca Piña Soy Sauce, Marca Piña Calamansi Soy Sauce

Shoyu Food Corporation – Mang Kiko

Silver Swan Manufacturing Corporation – Golden Swan Soy Sauce, Silver Swan Soy Sauce

Sysu International Inc – Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Less Salt Soy Sauce, Lee Kum Kee Soy Sauce

Tentay Food Sauces Inc – Tentay Pinoy Style Soy Sauce, Tentay Soy Sauce

Veting Manufacturing Corporation – Marca Lapu-lapu

Rising Dragon Import Export Corp – Zheng Feng Mushroom Dark Soy Sauce, Superior Light Soy Sauce

Marigold Commodities Corp – Mama Sita’s Premium Soy Sauce

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10 Replies to “List of 3-MCPD Free Soy Sauce Brands”

  1. you get payed to publish these brands i guess
    because a laboratory test in the Netherlands concludes
    the datu puti the highest value of MCPD…3-MCPD (3-Monochloropropane-1,2-diol)
    in your list its MCPD free you talk bullshit

    1. BTW all Chinese and Thai brands contain 3-MCPD (3-Monochloropropane-1,2-diol) they wanna make quick money making soj sauce takes just a week in japan almost 1.5 to 2 years
      use the Japanese brands they love tradition

  2. Better Check if they have BFAD LTO Number just like “DELICIOUS KITCHEN SAUCES” Soy Sauce has an exquisite taste!, lavishing & mouth watering flavor, with NO CARCINOGENIC CONTENT. Their 3-MCPD Lab test result is lower than 1ppm.

    Their BFAD LTO# RDII-MM-F-4325 and you can also visit their webpage at

    So it is safe to eat at Leoning’s Special Pancit Palabok and Native Dishes, Maty’s Tapsilogan, Ang Lechon Manok ni Sr. Pedro, Mila’s Lechon and Ineng’s Barbeque just to name a few..


  3. There are already so many FOOD SCARE going on nowadays that people don’t know what to believe in anymore? For example, some studies which suggest that COFFEE is good for the health while other studies show otherwise. For all we know, this could just be BLACK PROPAGANDA used by the government and ASSOCIATION of SOY MANUFACTURERS to entice people to buy only BRANDED soy sauce and block the small soy sauce manufacturers. How come they’ve expose this issue ONLY NOW? Does the FDA have testing kits to determine which products have 3MPCD or not? Have they tested the soy sauce being used by FASTFOOD restaurants(e.g. JOLLIBEE, McDO, Mang Inasal)? I wonder how much the government received from the above listed manufacturers to have their products ADVERTISED?

      1. News like this could CRIPPLE the small soy manufacturers and drive them OUT OF BUSINESS. When that happens, these people will resort to CRIME (theft, drug pushing, etc) to provide for their NEEDS. Just imagine the tricled down effects of a BLACK PROPAGANDA. The FDA should clarify whether the tainted soy were LOCALLY PRODUCED or IMPORTED from other countries like China. Further, the FDA has to identify whether the above listed soy manufacturers are using BT soy or not. Even if their products are free from 3MPCD, it would still pose a health risk if they’re using GMO. Unfortunately, GMO food labelling is not mandatory in our country so manufacturers can conceal this information from the CONSUMERS. CAVEAT EMPTOR!!!

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