Right Alcohol Dosage To Prevent Cancer Development And Other Disorders

Alcoholic beverages are diuretic – just like an ordinary rubbing alcohol. Its use is not recommended for babies cause they tend to rob away moisture resulting to dry skin. I myself is experiencing hand dryness when sanitizing my hand with rubbing alcohol frequently. beer limits

Same is true with drinking liquors. It also robs away bodies water. Notice a frequent urination while in drinking session. The more alcohol taken, the more water drained – feeling of weakness is felt as a result. The mind and body coordination is also weakened cause the brain and muscles lacks enough water to function properly. A partial loss of sanity is also experienced. Many deeds are unremembered the day after.

Warning: Too much dehydration is fatal!

The liver is working  very hard in order to excrete alcohol out of the system. Our liver reads alcohol as toxin. Making it work overtime is not a good idea cause it might result to failure. Imagine having a failing liver!

Kidney is also working hard together with the liver. It might also suffer from failure.

Another area of concern is the development of cancers. Yes, alcohol is related to development of cancer to different body parts such as : mouth, throat, esophagus, voice box and pharynx.  Development of mutant cells might be attributed to extreme tissue dryness and continues exposure to alcohol.

A study in United Kingdom revealed an estimate of 13,000 cancer patients per year as a result of drinking habit.

Cigarettes have warning sign, “Smoking is dangerous to your health!” Alcoholic beverages have warning signs too, “Drink moderately”. Maybe its time to change the warning sign to,”Drink moderately cause it might cause cancer, kidney and liver failure and other disorders.

No one is forbidden to drink alcohol but in order to prevent such disorders, it should have a limit. Men should take not more than two drinks a day and women should not take more than one.  Single serve beer comes in 350 ml bottle. Probably a “drink” of beer equals 350 ml and a “drink” of hard liquor such as gin equals a regular shot glass.

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