Alo Green Tea with Real Aloe Vera Bits

This Alo Green Tea caught my attention because it has real aloe vera bits. The taste of pure aloe vera is awful. It is very slimy and has unpleasant odor. I can barely drink an instant aloe vera powder prepared by a graduating college student.

Aloe vera juice is becoming popular due to its claimed health benefits. The website Aloe Vera Juice for Health stated the following:

I have been drinking fresh aloe vera juice all of my life. I am 57, I don’t have an inch of fat and I have not been sick a day in my life. For 25 years I have been selling aloe to the people of Ybor City, Florida.

Alo Green Tea really contains bits of aloe vera. You will notice it by looking closely. The bits never resemble the taste of real aloe vera. I never felt any sliminess and smelled bad odor. Maybe the manufacturer intentionally removed those bad properties in order to make it more drinkable. It was too sweet but you can try to add some cold water to dilute the taste.

I was never able to write the ingredient list and nutritional information because the layout was very hard to read. It was printed with green color and transparent background. Changing the background to white will make it more readable.

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