A Taste of Alokozay Mint Tea

I became familiar with this mint herb five years ago when I was still working at Cavite State University. A faculty researcher pioneered the construction of herbal nursery. This mint was one those herbs. Many students did their thesis study about mint.

I knew about this herb but I have never tasted it ever since.

My younger sister gave me this Alokozay Premium Mint Tea recently. According to her co-employees, this tea really taste good. They love drinking it.

I got excited as usual. I placed it in a cup of hot water and let stand for few minutes. Then started tasting though I am not a tea drinker.

The teabag was very similar to regular Lipton tea. The aroma was pungent. The taste was awful. It even got worse as the tea got colder. But, you gonna love it if you are a regular tea drinker. Its taste was somewhat deeper to regular tea or its taste was equivalent to two teabags of regular tea with a noticeable menthol flavor.

On the other hand, taste doesn’t matter. Many individuals love it due to its health benefits.


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