How to Make Ampalaya Pickles

Pickle amplaya in attempt to remove bitterness. So many love sweets but only a small part of the population like eating bitter. Make the amplaya sweet, a bit sour, a bit salty and less bitter or not bitter at all. Make ampalaya pickles.

It’s not like I am encouraging anyone to make ampalaya pickles. It can be done if wanted badly by those who cannot endure its native taste.

1) Get green ampalaya. The darker the bitter. Get light colored for less bitterness. Wash. Cut both ends. Slice to four or more parts. Scrape off the seeds and pulp carefully using a sleek sharp knife. Slice again, about 5 mm thick.


I want ampalaya circles. It looks cool to me! Slice the way you want it.

2) Weigh. Place in a large food container. Add two tablespoon salt per 200 grams ampalaya slices. Close the container. Tumble gently several times and let stand for about one hour.

ampalaya rings and salt

Mixing salt with slices forces the water out. This includes the bitter momordicine and other important nutrients and insulin-like substance polypeptide-P.

3) Open the container, drain off extracted liquid. Rinse several times to remove excess salt crystals.

4) Arrange neatly the slices in glass jar. Add 10% brine solution. Ferment for three weeks at room temperature.

ampalaya rings in bottle

Microflora naturally present ferments the vegetable. It creates new flavors, destroys the bitter momordicine and might as well degrade other compounds and reduce the original efficacy.

5) Drain the brine solution. Rinse in several changes of ice cold water to remove saltiness. Add pickling solution – 30 percent sugar and 10 percent vinegar plus spices of choice.

Amplaya in its pure unprocessed form is best. I am hearing rumors about diabetic patients feasting on it raw.  It is sure extremely bitter at first. Start training your senses today and sure you’ll slowly perceived bitter as delectable.

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  1. Hello Sir, tanong ko lang po kung ok lang ba na iderecho na ung ampalaya sa jar after washing and cutting? Thank you very much po.

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